Your favorite XGen game

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #24

Stick arena and RPG2.

(Lexus(17)) #25

Strongly SA, but I like play BBH too.

(UnknownKiller) #26

Boxhead Forever

(OOF) #27

that drag racing car game that they dont have on there website not bro some old one



(OOF) #29

Ohhh crap they do have it

(Shane) #30

Dino run gg66

(Weary Of The World) #32

(Kaelyn) #33

The Low Road – It was the first game I was involved with the development process of video games at XGen… I just did business stuff before.
-I played it all through development and tried to help David with all the play testing as best as I could…
-I love how the game combined very talented art, audio and writing which we built in unity which was a first for XGen. Its also the first video game I have ever finished to the end! I’m pretty bad at video games and only ever watch Skye play them however as a kid I did play a lot of Super Mario Brothers but I could never finish it. Skye once told me there was so many cheats in that game which I had no idea about.
One thing I really wish for is that Skye could play The Low Road. He would be impressed with the game and that his team could build a game without him and especially in memory of him. However let me tell you it was really hard; we had a lot to learn without Skye.

I also have a really great memory of Stick RPG. When Skye launched that game he thought he could just launch the game at 4PM and we could for a dinner date by 5PM however when I got to his house to meet him he was completely shocked that all the servers were crashing because so many people wanted to play it. It was really awesome seeing something like that first hand. We didn’t get to go on the dinner date we just watched the excitement of them game instead.

(mack) #34

As the late developer of Stick Arena’s wife, is there any moment in particular you remember during the making of the game that interested you or you’re particularly fond of? May it be related to an experience with Skye or not, just curious !


Boxhead, Stick Arena, Territory War 3, and Dino Run

(jøeL) #36

Stick Arena and Stick RPG were probably the best games i’ve played by them so far.

(Kaelyn) #37

There’s is nothing that sticks out to me about Stick Arena unfortunately; however Skye’s sister has fond memories of Stick RPG especially as her and Skye as kids used to love playing “Jones in the Fast Lane”. Apparently they would rush home from school everyday to play all night. She said Stick RPG was heavily influenced by that game.

(Metrø ßoomin) #38

@kaelyn That is a very touching story, RIP Skye.

(Ṩสdboץs) #39

Lemme slide my way to 2012 boxhead… hella saddening

(Sebastian) #40

That would be Stick Arena.
I think I played it first in 2006/7/8/9. I was at young age, everything was more colorful and sounds were more intense, so I have a sentiment to that game. It brang me to Xgen because I was wondering what even is Xgen and what they actually do. Sounds and gameplay is what I enjoy the most - though it would be people if it wasn’t that 99% left.


Stick RPG was shown to me the last day of school in 6th grade by a friend so circa 2003. I liked it so much watching him play it, I went home to play it. Enjoyed the playthru so much that I saw there a link to a site that gave updates about their upcoming sequel. The pictures looked so cool I kept checking back to see if it was released. Stuart Hart was the guy posting most updates, from what I remember. It was a black gradient site, didn’t like like at all, and I didn’t even know the two were linked.

I checked the site towards the end of 2005 and I saw a new update about a new game developed off the fighting engine of srpg2 followed by a link to stickarena. Stick Arena was my most played game, but honestly Stick RPG 2 would have to be my favorite game. Both motherloads were also super good.