Who is the best current SA player?

(Charles) #133

Lmao omg gunz was such a cool dude

(Sarah) #135

When GOOG had a war with Divinity, I smacked Ava and Koolaid. We lost the overall 10 game because Sprite subbed in for me. I went on a 4 game win streak with Ma5t3rSn1p3r and Pirate. I stopped playing when Targex started doing tournaments.

As for you GGK, you were trash. Come at me with some bs, but you never peaked anyone’s interest in a war. I’d rather have Guzzy on my team than you.


At the moment (my personal opinion) it’s between Ava, Sin, ic3 and Ash.

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #137

I still say @Ash is number 1 cause he’s da homie.


Lol those are facts.


Hi Dan, hope you’ve been well buddy. This thread brings so much nostalgia. Maybe I was a bit unclear but most old gens would have not matched up well. But IOA obviously had some top tier talent being so dominant at the time.

Biopimp you were always so funny. ECM was the clan everyone wanted to war first since an ecm win was so easy and looked good on new clans websites. You were never near the top but I did respect how ECM actually listed war losses and didn’t disband after two losses. Literally every clan I ever created was always the second best at the time since Divinity was never touched by anyone.

Sarah you’re an absolute toad and I can see that never changed. For starters you did not smack Ava and Kool, you guys actually got shut out several times trying to challenge Divinity. For the short few months I was there I was the “war leader” with Torrey and the only person who was any decent in the clan at that time was Charlie (stickpirate). The only reason you were ever even slightly valued was because of Poly’s obsession over you. You were hardly ever used in wars and for a very specific reason, you were ass. I had to start using sprite’s sub par self since everybody else was terrible or playing mafiamofo.

I was always so hated and I can see that never changed. Say what you want but at the end of the day I never lost a war to any of you :wink:

As previously mentioned my clans were always at the top, never lost to anybody aside from Ava and Kools gang.