When did you join SA?

(Timbo) #1

This topic is pretty simple, just state when you joined SA. :smiley:

Even though i rarely play the game the first time I actually played it was in 2013.

(Dom😈😈😈💨) #2

i joined in 2019

(Timbo) #3

Damnnn you’ve been playing for long considering it’s 2030 !!!

(RaS) #4

To be honest, i joined around 2012. My first account was ‘Zack4128’, i played from time 2 time then eventually left, cuz of the players that kept kicking me from FFA games… Then came back around 2013, with the account ‘Korvin’ , idk if anyone remembers, i was still bad at the time lol. I got good little by little, understanding the concept of the game. So i decided to make another account, in 2014 ‘Raspy’. So this is how i became who i am , lol… cringe i know …

(Timbo) #5

I’m suprised an original name such as Raspy would still be available in 2014.

(Lexus(17)) #6

I answered for this question here When Did You Discover/Start Playing Stick Arena?.


Dec 2011 xd

(Luis) #8

Nicco is right, this is a duplicate topic.

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