When Did You Discover/Start Playing Stick Arena?


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(Hell's Dragon) #45

09.2007- I discovered demo version
05.2008 - I found Xgenstudios.com and StickArena Ballistick. I used Quick Start
11.2008 - I creteated my one of my first accounts: electrickman570220. I use it to this day
01.2012 - I stopped playing, I don’t know why… but i stopped. I logged sometimes(2-3 times in year) but i never played longer than 1 hour
07.2014 - I wanted to play again with new account: simon825, but I gave up quickly, This accound is still unused.
09.2017 - I log in and I saw there is a competitive season. I was dreaming about tournamet like this! :smiley: I met Nico for the firsrt time. Then I met Codfish, Canasian, Hotpipe and other well known players. It was good idea to return
10.2017 - I was banned by mistake so I had to create new account: pure.badass. After week I got recompense.
01.2018 - I moved to account created in TW3: RealSimon. This is my official acc now.
23.02.2018 - I stopped playing because I must repair my computer.
15.05.2018 - Date of my planned return to the game.