When Did You Discover/Start Playing Stick Arena?

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Random post due to boredom

Im very curious to see how long some of you guys have been around Stick Arena or XGen Studios?

I was introduced to Stick Arena at just 8 years old (2008). I was bored at home one day so i decided to get on the family computer & maybe find a good game. I found XGen Studios & a whole lot of other games. However, I didn’t create much of a bond with any other game besides Stick Arena. It’s nothing but good memories with SA. Many come & Many go but it’s safe to say that NOBODY who played this game, will forget the fun they had.

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Was told to play Stick Arena by a friend in 2007 who I recently moved away from so that we could stay in touch. I was 10 at the time. Played up until 2009 and met a lot of cool people that I don’t see on anymore. Started playing again in November of 2016 and here I am today.


I discovered Stick Arena and started playing around mid 2008 when Chaos clan was still around. (undertaker, swipez, etc,.,) I miss those days.

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I started boxhead in 2012 then later on I found stick arena and I loved it ever since even so many rqs so many good memories and bad sa has shaped me into the person I am today

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Discovered SA at like '07. Didn’t play very often. Came back in 2014 and started getting better. The game changed so much.

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I made my first SA account in '07, started actually playing in '08 as Garas5, started hacking in '09, started catching hackers in '10, started making maps in '11, as well as joining clans like Woot and Divinity and a whole bunch of others. Then I made some more accounts, namely 5k1, Coldhot, and some others, and played this “alter-ego” game to see which person people thought was better. Most of my motivation was just trying to be the best in the game, but I never really got up there, haha.

Anyway, just stopped by recently to see whats up.

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I discovered Stick Arena in early 2009, after I had been browsing XGen Studios main site for games. I played very frequently from 2009 until 2012. Almost every day after I got home from school I’d log into Flat World and see what’s up. Started getting into clans in 2010. I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas in 2011, but still played somewhat frequently throughout 2012. Eventually by late 2012 I got bored of it and pretty much stopped playing altogether from then on. I still come back to the community every now and then and see how it’s doing.


i hate to be rude but there was rumors of you being dead a long ass time ago now i’m confused

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If you’re talking about me Cole, I remember hearing something about that as well. Obviously they’re just rumors though, most likely circulated by one individual, either because they thought it was actually true (which I doubt) or they had a negative view of me in the past. Either way you can still check my YouTube channel or add me on Xbox live where my name is still m76mat as well.

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hasnt everyone in the community “died” at one point?

Except HSV he is confirmed dead

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@SacredSong Unfortunately, there are a few players who have passed away & have been confirmed. Whitey420, Poly, AssassinRenato as well ):


I started playing Stick Arena in 2007, I’ve made my first account called “Papercity”, I came across this game when I was 7 or 8 years old. My grandma had a big computer and I was looking for cool shooting games to play. So I searched up “Shooting games” or what not and that’s how I’ve came across Stick Arena. I was around when Danny would visit the lobby ever so often, and pretty much all the old gens you can think of. After all after playing for so long and so much this game has changed A-LOT.

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I discovered this game in early 2008, and made my first account in 2009, it was Nicco66. At first i didn’t take this game seriously and played fews times in year. It changed in 2011, since i achieved rank 8 on my first account i play at least a few times in month to today :slight_smile:


I discovered the game when it came out, i used to play quick starts because my mom and dad wouldn’t let me make an account (I had to play with them watching otherwise i couldn’t use the pc) later on in 2009 or 2010 i made an account! and i have been active on xgen ever since!

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I joined SA back in '08, approximately a month or so before Stick Arena: Ballistick came out (which was awesome when it was released). When I was in search of some Madness (as in Krinkels) themed games, and played Madness Regent for the first time, I had stumbled upon Stick Arena once I finished playing. I gave it a go, and thought it was pretty fun. From there, I kept playing, and here I am now. Stick RPG, Dino Run, and some other Xgen Studios games stuck with me, but not as well as Stick Arena did.

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A friend told me about it in 2011 and… I regret touching this game.

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Found out about the game in 07, by a friend. We always looked for games. Found Stick Arena on Heavy Games. Started hacking in 08, making hacks in 09-11. Left the scene, came back in late 2012-2013 to make the modloader which semi flopped, and have been checking the forum randomly whenever I feel like it since.

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I found stick arena from an advertisement on some flash games site.

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I technically started playing around 2011, but I’ve played it even before that. Kongregate has a system where you play different games and get achievements for it. The achievements give you xp on your account. I just hopped from game to game getting different achievements. I played sa before 2011 for the kongregate achievement, but I didn’t play it for real until summer 2011.