What was your favorite username?

(Shane) #1

Hello :frog:s,

What was your favorite username in the course of your time spent on Stick Arena that you might have seen, created, scammed, traded, borrowed, etc. With the plethora of accounts made in the new eras of the game, just so people can horde it and or sell it. There has to be at-least one account that you loved seeing.

Believe it or not, I loved the username “Deadshot.x”, the dude behind the account was… okay (lol). But I loved the finesse to name and how straight-up badass it sounded to say it.

Also, just for those curious, I actually read a dictionary to find the word “Eminence” to make it my username.

What was your favorite username?

(RaS) #2

Jesus and God

(Charles) #3

nothing was better than seeing “Reload.” “TheDreamer22” and “Assassin60” in flat world

(OOF) #4

When lolhomee gave me afterlife i stuck with it

(Metrø ßoomin) #5

Ahh, Oz. I remember him to an extent actually. Terrific player on trench run back in 2008 when I first came across him.

(Metrø ßoomin) #6

My favorite name would have to be vampire.alexander though

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #7

Stickman Stick Sticka

(Jairo) #8

If I had the username “Drone” then that would be my fav

(Lexus(17)) #9

“Idiot” and “Winner” :wink:

(Elited, Du0) #10

I used to have a lot of cool accounts at some point but I liked “Elited” & “Untraditional” the most.


Here’s 4 of my top 5 favorites:

  1. theplayerhasnoname ( à la The Faceless Men in GOT)
  2. the.big.red.one ( nickname for United States Army 1st Infantry Division)
  3. john.gault ( atlas shrugged)
  4. crotchety ( cause it sounds cantankerous but that name was taken )

(Akatsuki, LLL) #12

I loved the names Glock, Run, Hide, RIP, and Dead it would be really dope if I owned the account Dead or Glock



(Princess Luna) #14

Have a few favorites, but this time its always has been the one I snagged when Blast Rage came out a week before. Username is “Dual”

(jøeL) #15

my favorite was blacklistedheadas-


I always wanted the username Dark

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #17

Joker1? I feel like I know you.

(Elited, Du0) #19

Elited, Fury, Atillart, Untraditional



(asgfgh) #22

My favorite account names that I had were .a. and justice. Favorite from someone else would be .1. and .x. I loved letter and number accounts. I had .m. but ■■■■ happened, it was a long time ago I don’t remember the specifics.