What is your favorite SA memory/ moment?

(cryptic) #67

Joining my first clan. Think the clan leads were neoright and liquid diamond. This was before IOA, right around the time Goog was in the middle of some controversy IIRC.


Being in Smoke clan. We had the coolest chat, and best colors. Whitey, Trapi, cpd, TormentorTravis, chaos,insanity(who ended up being my dude in another game called pawn tactics), plague, darksinz, greg, y3lloman(johnny), etc. lots of names missing.

Being in Haze Clan and leading it to a really big win against Riot clan.

Being in SCK, which was basically Haze people. Tightnit group of good players who also had some pretty impressive wins. CrazymofoMan, Pinnacle, Ghost99, CrazyTaco, Jenny, JereeAngel(forget his full name), etc.

Being in IOA these were epic chat moments and games.

Beating GooG.

Being mod.

Map accomplishments. Helping map people.

Was a great run.

(Sarah) #69

Eminence is the only one who brought me up :frowning:


I’ve had tons of great memories on this game, but I’ll only list a few here.

  1. Finding this game back in 2009 and playing on my first map, storm drain.
  2. Getting to rank 10 on my main account, Stormsurge, back in the day was a huge accomplishment for me.
  3. Clans! My favorite was Lux Liberators where I got to spend lots of time with some cool people, including Nac38911 (or something like that), lighthonur and Agent. We didn’t war a whole lot but spent countless hours on xat and SA getting to know each other and improving our skills. I’m still sad to this day that they all left.
  4. Making SA vines with Agent back in 2012 for the old forums… I still regret deleting these from my Youtube channel because they were flipping hilarious. Does anyone remember watching them? I think the highest one got over 100 views, lol.
  5. Finding out how to use bandicam to record hackers.
  6. All the lobby conversations! Some were trolls, others got very philosophical. I enjoyed almost all of them.
  7. Getting my first bluehead and labpass! I did nothing but aim maps and 2v2s for the whole month.
  8. All the stick arena play days. The trivia questions the mods asked were almost always outrageous (for example: What’s the name of my cat?). I can recall opening google in another tab beside the lobby chat and typing like there was no tomorrow to get some of the harder questions to get lab pass days and cred. It was definitely fun to see old players back on and we should do more of these.

(Skye Carpenter) #73

I was also in Hexagen. used to be known as Kidglocks

(Sarah) #78

I guess my favorite memory was Skyping all night with Deadspring and Elxna
Having Guzzy pay me 400 bucks for alting ^.^

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #79

Sarah!!! Hi! I’m 3dd3912 hope you remember me we warred together once xD (we lost because I was still a noob in early 2012) Good memory with you was 2v2ing with you and teaching me the basics about 2v2s.

You were the last good female sa player (that’s If you really are female xD) Good to see you coming back.

(Sebastian) #80

Perhaps that’s not really SA moment, but when I saw a YouTube 2005 video gameplay on Xgen HQ with hey there delilah in the background (those songs were popular back then) I really had a strange time and thinking about how fast the time goes I am really scared.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #81

When mrsponge would cuss people out on 2-d for hours.


I just read through this entire thread. So many memories… :open_mouth:

@Eminence: You were the leader of Sparta clan in '08? How the hell did I never know that until now??? I used to hang out at that chat lol, back when I had my own clan. Then after it died I joined “Troy with Spartan Blood”… lol. That was right when I was transitioning from noob to semi :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some of the fondest memories I have, in chronological order to the best of my memory:

  1. Discovering the demo on bubblebox.com back in the summer of 2007, and thinking it was a single-player game
  2. Finally creating my first account after a few months in the demo. Its name was “CommanderPython”. Only ever got it to rank 4 before I used different accounts, but I still have the password for it to this day :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Joining my first clan, Blue Snake. They were in EVERY SINGLE GAME in Sticktopia during fall of 2007. Finally I decided “if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em!” and I became blue.snake.132 :smiley:
  4. One night in 2007, the leader of Blue Snake told everyone in the xat to go to the xat of this clan called Trapstars. That night, the leader of Trapstars decided to kill off that clan and reborn it under a different name. He decided to call it East Coast Murdaraz. So I was there the night the famous ECM clan was born.
  5. The infamous rivalry between Blue Snake and Scarface.
  6. After Blue Snake, I decided to create my own clan. I created Pwnzorz Clan in the summer of 2008. While it was a total noob clan, many future pros came out of this clan, including Fishy, seec4, Fury, and of course myself.
  7. After Pwnzorz died, I joined this clan called TPP that was lead by the famous Revo. Remember the list of people that Eminence listed above? I think about 90% of those people were in this clan… rofl. It was easily the clan that had the most members of all time, and I think it had the problem of the chat actually being too active, which led to its quick demise…
  8. Around this time, I got into color hacking and found a sweet dark blue, which I used to create the account ,.x.school3r.x., . I’ve been known as “Schooler” ever since.
  9. The first days of Ballistick! NO MORE HACKERS!!! But also no more color hacks…
  10. … until this guy called liv2 found some colors that weren’t patched, such as smoke gray. I helped him find more codes.
  11. Color hacks finally get patched, except for the infamous white spinner. While the search continued to find the code, I join UOP clan. I had some really great times in this clan, led by the famous Polizi.
  12. I finally join the XGen Studios Forums in early 2009. I joined because I wanted to win a Lab Pass from the tournament league that was going on at the time, but the league died before I got a chance to participate.
  13. After UOP, I joined Valiant clan, led by Glenn. What we did, was go to clans and declare on the chat “This clan has 24 hours to live!” and 24 hours later, true to our word, it would be dead. How did we manage this feat? It was simple. We joined the clan with our alts, then we recruited @Eminence to the clan. He in turn brought a bunch of people with them, and the original clan members ended up leaving, killing the clan. It worked every time! :stuck_out_tongue: I still consider my time in Valiant to be the best time I’ve had playing Stick Arena.
  14. Playing in tournaments throughout 2009, and forming the “bring back color hacks” forum group. Also created a website talking about how SA needs more colors. Also chilling every night in Flat World.
  15. A member of the forum group, lilporkchop69, posts a list of colors that XGen should add to SA. This includes “Azure Mist”. The list had RGB codes, so I used them in a SATK. Azure Mist turned out to be the code for the infamous white spinner. I distributed it, and 3 days later it was patched.
  16. The fall of 2009 was when I consider myself to be at the peak of my skills on SA. I was war leader for a clan called SAKingz, lead by Tx.Latin.Cholo. Tx wanted to kill and reborn the clan whenever we lost a war, to keep us undefeated. I didn’t like this, so I left the clan. The new war leader was a guy called kill3r5, who later went on to become the famous Avarice.
  17. The “StickEMU controversy”, February 2010. StickEMU was a private server of the old SA. It had color hacks, so I was very active in it :stuck_out_tongue: There ended up being 3 StickEMU servers: The original, run by Simon, as well as servers run by Murk (who was an infamous scammer), and one (where I was a mod, rofl) run by Cal (who most know better as Kiro/John Hill). I actually considered giving away my legitimate SA accounts and just continue on StickEMU, but luckily I didn’t. StickEMU died after a month, and over time I regained my reputation on the real Stick Arena, though it did take some time since many in the community considered us to be no better than hackers.
  18. Creating a secret color hacking group in 2010, called “The New Legacy”. All the color hacks that originated post-2010 came from us, including another white spinner that is a bit less white. I was caught in mid-2010, and I have all the codes to the mods, thinking they would be patched. However, they never were. :open_mouth: If you could find a SATK that still exists, the codes would still work today.
  19. Being personally invited to Aftermath clan, which is basically the bridge between Last Stand and Clutchers.
  20. After Aftermath, I joined Exterminate, led of course by my good friend Polizi, and led the clan’s FW division for a while.
  21. The whole Protozoid thing, and Deadshot saying “I found his FB! His real name is John Hill!” and me and Trask trying to tell him that that wasn’t the real Proto, rofl.
  22. In early 2012, I hung out with friends such as Trask and TheBoss at the “ATL” xat. It was here where I witnessed the infamous mod selections of 2012 (Was Alexandria really Alphasas? The world may never know…) and the Dimensions “expansion”, then the return of Ballistick with Cartesian.
  23. Waiting, in vain, for Trask to complete Atris.
  24. Kiro/John Hill becoming “exposed” by Trask (at my suggestion). and the fallout that caused.
  25. The Targex tournaments!!!
  26. Me quitting SA in early 2013.
  27. Me coming back in 2014. Not much had changed. :stuck_out_tongue:
  28. Organizing (for 3 months!) and leading the 10th Anniversary Celebration on November 7th, 2015. Sadly, it was bittersweet, because Skye passed away only a few weeks before this. :frowning:
  29. Quitting again in 2016, feeling like there was nothing left for me here, and never thinking I’d return.
  30. Returning, against all odds, earlier this year. What caused me to return was the new community events and the restricted color spinners that are the prizes for them. I finally received a restricted color spinner last week for suggesting that the top 5 on the highscores each season should receive a special color. My next goal is to get back the dark blue color that’s been missing on ,.x.school3r.x., for almost 10 years now… :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who are wondering, yes, I really am crazy.

(Shane) #83

Yeah, back when Cookie reborned it with him and ‘2green11’ (Frigz). I led it with him, we eventually got Gunz to lead it with us, mad that we took down our website, thing was epic, always lit.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #84

That time when Asuna said she was good at pit so I beat her by somewhere over 20 kills.

And that time Edd thought I was a freaking chick. Don’t know how the hell that happened.


Targex. Those days were pretty lit.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #86

Lmao I was in Solid Steel Stickz. Good meme.

(Gunz) #87

Looking back at stickarena again for the lulz, cuz why not.

The internet is eternal.

tons of memories from this simple flash game, my hat is off to those who are still playing.

this game may be dead, but it had a great run.

back in my day, we would join a lobby, and turn on the v2 from jakesblogspot, and just reload hack, the whole game was hacks. Till about 2007, when people actually started trying to be pro. the era was run by endless high end leaders who put time into running great clans. the ballistick era took over and the newgens started their adventure, while the oldgens finally got to sit back and watch. its been 11 years since stick arena came out and i wouldnt change a damn thing.

The people i wish would read this, wont. they are all doing whatever they can to survive in this world, and i wish them the best, i wish you all the best, because there are a lot of past websites that are no longer with us, due to financial issues. So with all due respect, thank you, XgenStudios.

(Lexus(17)) #89

(Shane) #90

Another moment that I liked was when I got rank 8 in less than 4 days, and had Codfish on mic with me when I got it. #ToadandFishConnection

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #91

When I won my first tournament I was so nervous and doubting myself but my buddy Covi12345 reminded me we were the top 2v2 team along with ava/koolaid

When I created my own chat/clan but thought it was dumb but had the best people support me all the way for 3 full straight years

When I reached rank 8 for the first time and thought I was pro

Getting 2nd place with cole in tournament but my mouse died for 2 seconds so I ended up killing him and making us lose

missed tournament cause I had to poop (im sure ice/red/nova remembers)

This game was there for me in my happy days and sad ones.


OOOh, I can add some more things to this now!

  1. Creating a bunch of spinners in the RGB thread. My color hacking experience finally did the community some good, as many of my spinners were (and still continue to be) given out as prizes for playdays and contests.
  2. Creating spinners also does me some good, as I receive a copy of each of my spinners given out as prizes. In the summer of 2018, I FINALLY got a dark blue spinner that was similar to the one I had ten years prior!
  3. Seeing my name on the highscores, and finishing in the top 100 for a season :joy:
  4. Playing Playdays and tournaments just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Suggesting we have a longer playday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of SAB. This also turned into a Free Lab Pass weekend. A tournament was also held on this day (November 4th, 2018).
  6. One playday, I won the “Furious Blue” spinner as a prize. This was the color code my good friend Fury used back in 2008. I was able to give the spinner to Fury. Even though he hasn’t played SA in years, seeing his response when he saw the spinner on his account was honestly one of the happiest moments in all the time I’ve played this silly game.
  7. I’m still around, though I really only play SA on playdays and tournaments. Recently, however, I’ve become more active in the XGen Discord. I feel like I’m in a clan again, lol. There’s some great people there including BUT NOT LIMITED to Sin, Bella, @Eminence, @Toxicity, @Twisted , @RandomChicken, @nikki11799, @Schallmeister, and so many others I’ve forgotten (:frowning: ). This community is what keeps me here. I wish there were more of us still around, but other than that, this is what I’ve always wanted from SA and XGen in general. Trask always said I wanted to “restore the power to the players”. Today the players are doing great things, and as long as they are I’ll still be here in some aspect. :smiley: