What is your favorite SA memory/ moment?

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #47

Like you say my memory is hazy too it’s been that long ago but cool.

LMAO yeah I remember powepuffgirls accs with doom and yup I rarely warred was mainly beating other clans activity/having a great time on there.

(Metrø ßoomin) #48

Are you ■■■■■■ really arguing over clans from 3 years ago :joy::joy::joy::raised_hand:

(Shane) #49

Favorite SA memory/moments (Obviously, I’m going to talk a little bit more about the newer memories than the old ones)

  • Playing with real life friends back in 2006 when we all first discovered it and had the entire 6th grade playing it with us
  • My original first favorite map to play on was concrete jungle. I loved that map.
  • Joining Clans, my first clan was “Doomsquad” back when piczo websites were a thing
  • Getting exposed to PTC pros, and launching my “SA career”
  • Downloading and Playing on SA on a trainer back in the day when plunder was a thing
  • Trying to get the right color hack on, then gave up and went pure white
  • Creating my username “Eminence” back in 2008 before Ballistick came out
  • Playing CTF, LMS, 3v3s everyday once XGen made it possible to have 6 player matches
  • Starting Clan wars, declaring in Xat chatrooms with the phrase “#warning do you accept?” in my declare
  • Remembering when clans warred for keeps (losing clan must forfeit their website password)
  • Meeting all the old pros/clans (cookie, bacon (kilo), revo, ogballer (alloutpro), locz, ss.killa, flamez, chc, flu, exo bullets, 3xam (original .1. owner/demon), foul (gray/kai), stickpirate, deadicy, oz, dreamer, freshprince, 1.drop.till.death, rudolph, domination, lem0n, DHartly, Ass60, got.money, Assrenato, techno (muppet), deadmafia, whitey, strik3.x, raptorofdoom, trapi, fear, grovestreet4lyfe, lawjax, y3lloman (johnny), bountyhunter, gooeymonster, stickythe motherf***ing slasher, killer.jay, tko, huey (fon), tayshawty, neoright, obs.rebirth, 4granted, nessa (,.,.,.princess.,.,.,), white rose, purple.haze, killing…spree, after.shock (swelly), balive, shad.rebell, gin, kingm4, father, theking24, mysteryman318, pimio, coronadrinker, skufner, thejuvenile, killing4ajob, Gunz, nick (x.Money.man.x), (I CAN’T NAME ALL OF YOU OR THIS WILL GO ON FOREVER LOL) bluesnake, punkers, goog, ASAP, TSP, mayh3m, smoke, strikers, ecm, last stand, The United Clans (When ECM and Last Stand in a 4 clan merge, then broke apart, still to this day, the biggest xat chat activity ever), Sparta (a clan I started with Cookie that we reborned from Gunz, went 63-0), hells army, ONS, IOA, NPA, NBK (ONCE AGAIN I CANNOT NAME EVERY CLAN, LOL)
  • Getting on Youtube Videos for SA for 1v1s (Tied with fear.the.reaper 13 times, but the video doesnt show that, amazing 1v1, gg)
  • Getting on SA and never doing my homework
  • Watching SA controversy Deadshot.x vs Zagtm is still my favorite lobby arguments memory ever (when ds.x brought up reporting zag to ic3(dot)gov/FBI, I was in tears)
  • Taking a year off from end of 08 to the end of 09, coming back and seeing new things
  • Everyone urinaling/alting to get on the leaderboards
  • Coming on to show off my Rank 13 and calling everyone else a newgen (invented the word toad)
  • Sniping and once Dimension came out, zoomed out to snipe on the screen
  • Schall perma’ing my rank 13 for saying a porn site in the lobby (Narb)
  • Coming on to troll and make friends, started with thedaniel13, then afroman32
  • Chillin’ in the SA lobby with the Troll Squad (added people afterwards, i believe the squad originally consisted of aceshot911, twistedmetal116, afroman32, thepug, then I added air cause you know… people left and he was available sooooo. xD) and roasting geyasstranny in the lobby all the time when we saw him
  • When dinigaming tried to make SnD, and other COD modes an actual thing on SA, (Bang! bang!)
  • Getting on late at night to chill with the SA/Xat people
  • Finding SA people to play with off the game but still online
  • Just getting on Xat SA clans to chat with people
  • Meeting and Chillin’ with the Euros (They already knew me before I said Hello, epic people, all of them)
  • Getting addicted to SA, so I kept asking mods to permaban me anytime they would see me
  • Trying to make Xat chats for the game (made a big one with Daveeee, Hexagen! “We out here touching hearts” ~ Swelly)
  • Discovering Tinychat and actually speaking on it
  • Actually realizing that the people that just sit in the lobby aren’t bots or schall’s alts, but are actual real people
  • Since from day one of being on Xat/Tinychat, always bagging e-hoes (I aint gonna name any of you, but you know who yall are :kissing_closed_eyes: )
  • And in general, after 2015, just chillin’ with whoever was left on the game to be honest, lol. xD

I’m sure Im forgetting things, but dont be sad :frowning: if I forgot you, I talk to everyone, noob.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #50

rofl, cause I remember asg being another anti-edd but seems like he’s cool he just being that type of honesty.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #51

Jesus you are a true oldgen, you pretty much mentioned half of the legends list.

(Elited) #52

not being banned for stupid reasons

(asgfgh) #53

I’m not really anti anyone. My longest grudge lasts about 20 minutes.

(Elited) #54

I’d like to believe my favorite SA memories were when I was rank 7-10 on Elited… Also getting a lot of Assassins and other cool spinners, but just so I don’t prolong my response I won’t talk about them.


such a long list, I guess you just can’t pick one favorite :grinning:

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #56

That’s cool bro.

(asgfgh) #57

Ily bby :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #58

rofl bruh.

(asgfgh) #59

Unrelated a bit, but I remember the days where a two word response like that would get you perma banned on these forums. Nazi mods definitely played their part in killing Xgen.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #60

If they did that now then the community has been slain.


While trying to reset kongregate ID to try stick arena on their site I found this. For the longest time I could not play SA from school because of firewall so I joined the forums looking for a fix.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #62

then ever since you became a legend?

(Matt Randolph) #63

All those names brought back memories. Hahaha. Hope all those dudes/girls are doing well now.

(Daniel) #64

Old memory: I can’t remember exactly but I went 25+kills and 0 deaths in a FFA match on Xgen HQ back in the day.

New memory: Looking up my clan account used for 1v1 or 2v2 and seeing the stats. 1,319 kills / 563 deaths /134 wins / 16 losses

(o3always) #65

My best memory is beating sneezes and winning an american tourney the first european to ever do that was me !


Prime ECM days where we had, Kai, Muppet, Exotic Bullets, Fishy, Flu, Dreamz and we were the best clan in sticks. Those days were unmatchable.

Recent memory: Hexagen, Had great memories with Dave, Emin, Emerald showing all the new generation players how we gave it up back in the day in 2v2s.