What is your favorite SA memory/ moment?

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #21

Sucks i’m not on that list.


Throwing shots :thinking: ???

(JMez) #23

Greg banning me the second before the match ended in which I was going to hit rank 11… lol

(Merk) #24

Favourite SA memory when no player from EU could stop me winning a EU tourney

(Lizbona) #25

except me <3

(Hum) #26
  • one time someone started an all purple raid and there was like 200 accounts in the lobby and I’m pretty sure someone recorded it

  • having a long convo with haty

  • roasting schall

  • also throwback to when fishy and zag glitched instant rank 15s w/ps3’s !!


I’m not going to go in when I first started my Stick man journeys, just the stuff I won’t forget.

Playing with @Mousy - joining his and nova’s clan which was a great time, i loved everyone who frequented OG and will not forget those people.

Meeting Moan, probably one of the best friends i’ve met on here.

Getting drunk with Nova over Tinychat on new years - this needs to happen again.

Meeting some amazing people like @Schallmeister- @Carlos- @Lovable - @Dual

Taking protozoids account collection.

Plotting to assassinate @Rey for losing our tournament.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #30

Rofl, pls have mercy.

(Metrø ßoomin) #31

I wish I was more active during these times, I remember when I first met Edd and I joined dignity with Jay and bhs. Good ass times, I never really got back into clans after I made KG, but I later found myself leading Enigma with try and lite in 2016. I remember all the xat beefs with meteor red and Edd. I then became enemies with meteor for awhile because he wouldn’t war me. These memories are crazy and I wanna say thanks to yall @rey @Mousy

(OOF) #32

when red shut down the tournies.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #33

Yeah good times.

(jøeL) #34

in all honesty, my favorite moments were last summer and this summer. last summer was amazing but this summer was even better even though there weren’t as much players. everyone seemed to enjoy the discord server and had a great time.

(Dom😈😈😈💨) #36

that was a very fine essay

(Metrø ßoomin) #37

Nah Red, hold that L for life lmao. A 45 minute video dedicated to a single player is sad😂.

(Matt Randolph) #40

Joining Smoke clan, coleading Quebec, coleading EOC with Sinz which ended up being a hang out spot for old gens

(asgfgh) #41

Most of my good memories was with clans. I joined my first clan, I think it was called Fallen. Then I joined Disaster after it died in a few days, which had same guys like Ghidorah and Yoshi, known as ic3 now (unless he changed his name again.) There were pretty much no clan wars but I still stayed for nearly about a year in that clan. When I first joined Ghidorah beat me in a 1v1 like 12-2 or something like that. I thought he was the best player in sa because I never played against someone that good before. Fast forward a few years later when I am no longer a noob and I clan war him and he does cheap tricks when he is losing like screenshot my ping whenever it spikes to 100.

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t make that many clans. I made devastation with a ■■■■ ton of different people, clapped with Bacardi aka minty, and vendetta with guy. That’s it. People think I made like 100 clans, but I just got owner in almost every clan I joined. That isn’t much of an achievement by the way, I am not trying to brag about that. If you won clan wars, you got promoted to owner. That is how it was.

The most exciting part was when I first started clan warring. I got REALLY nervous while clan warring because I am competitive as ■■■■, regardless of what I am doing I try to win. At first, in Devastation, I only warred noob clans because I was always scared of losing. Then momo convinced me to war clans that were actually good. I don’t remember old clan names too well, but I think this was in 2013. I think the first good clan we beat at the time was Trident. They were pretty good, according to the comments in my youtube video where I recorded their rage they had a 48-1 record. I don’t believe that for a second since they added a win against me, but I don’t deny that they were good. They had some of the best competitive players in the game at the time like Lights, Mutify, WiL, chess, Jon, etc. Here is the video of them raging btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ank5FswRPZY.

I remember infamous because I was in that clan for a little while. I beat them with Devastation, but ofc they added win instead of adding loss. I also beat them with vendetta, which I didn’t even remember until I looked at the clan’s website and saw the screenshots. Vendetta was a good clan, pretty fun. With that clan we warred exterminate and another clan I forgot the name of, I think we warred Meteor and Drake. Or maybe it was lite? Not sure. It was an alt account, I forget who it turned out to be. Maybe mutify? I forgot who it was. With exterminate it was me and guy versus H1 and Ava on an alt. We beat meteor’s clan and were winning against XTM until H1 played 1 game every 2 weeks and postponing until the clan just died.

I think ended was pretty active during that time but they rarely warred. I warred them with devastation in 2015 I think, we were winning the war but they just died. I think Felicity was made after Infamous died, but they never warred anyone for like 2 years and only warred noob clans and Red’s clans.

Clapped didn’t last long because I was busy that summer and was rarely on. I don’t remember the clan name, but there was one clan that was really good that we beat. It had thedaniel13, cutie, I think ava and light, I think edd was in it too but I could be mistaken, I think lite was in it, and a few others. I know thedaniel13 and cutie were in it for sure because they were the ones who warred, everyone else I really don’t remember well. It was 4 years ago so I don’t remember well, but it was a 5 screen war that we won 5-4. Probably the hardest clan I ever beat at that point.

After Devastation and between rebirths I pretty much just hopped from clan to clan for a few years just clan warring as much as I could. I would occasionally joined different clans on alt accounts just to war, which today not a lot of people know about. I remember one of my alt accounts was siah, but I was discovered by ant because he recognized my personality. I thought that was funny more than anything. The last devastation rebirth was with me, momo, covi, and flu. Momo and covi were one of the best 2v2 pairs at the time, they won a lot of targex tournaments and clan wars together. We had a friendly 2v2, me and flu vs momo and covi. We won 2-0 (or maybe 3-0, I don’t remember) and they got mad and quit. It was really childish, but that’s what happened. Oh well.

There was another clan I was in called Abyss. It didn’t last long, but I remember because the clan roster was solid as ■■■■. Here Is the member list from the website: http://abyss-hq.webs.com/members. I wish the clan lasted longer, it was fun while it lasted. I also remember Pinnacle, it was a big clan so I don’t remember everyone. I remember me, momo, meteor, and Jon. There were dozens of other clans I was in as well but just don’t remember. Those two stood out for me though because the roster was OP. Also ughhh that Abyss banner. Cringey. That was when I first started fooling around with photoshop, I got a lot better over time but I really sucked at first.

I also used to scam around 2012-early 2013. It was fun. I’m not going to tell anyone how I did it because you could still do it to this day, and most people probably even forgot about the method, don’t remember how it was done, or never knew in the first place. All I will say it that I was able to get someone’s password without them telling me it, and I didn’t use any third party programs or anything like that. I scammed a lot of high level accounts, even a rank 15. I forgot the name, but I namechanged it to asgfgh15, then the original owner recovered the account. People usually use the same password for everything, so I remember I scammed a guy named smo, once known as c0mmando. I got his stick arena account and his forums account. With his forums account I pm’d a mod asking for the email associated with c0mmando, his main account at the time, and with that email I even got his facebook account. Imagine if he had a bank account and if I had more malicious intentions. I didn’t do anything to his facebook or email because I didn’t want to hurt anyone irl. I didn’t even scam labpass accounts because people spent money on those. I also remember I got the password of ewrkfutgy, I think his password was pokemon. I don’t remember. With that password I was able to make myself main owner of his clan sss, solid steel sticks. That was funny. I scammed a loooooot of accounts. I scammed an account of every rank 1-15 at least once. I had more than a dozen rank 10+ accounts. That was fun. I stopped though because it got me a bad reputation and I wanted to play competitively in clan wars. I remember a year ago I went in a xat chat as I do once in a blue moon and one guy was like “ahh, asg. The infamous scammer.” And I was like dude where the hell have you been the past several years, I didn’t scam anyone in a loooong time. That was funny. I remember one time I sold an account to carlos aka carlostit for something like 7.5k xats, and right after he sent the xats he disconnected. He sent me the xats a second time because he didn’t know the xats went through. Luckily for him I didn’t scam anything worth money value so I gave it back lol.

(asgfgh) #43

PSN clan warring? Wow, that is unheard of. They never wanted to war.

(Lucifers Rosary) #44

Favorite moments… One would prob have to be making the D-I-C-K clan with Lite, Meteor, Try, and Cole and just warring everyone under Sesame Street accounts.
Another would have to be beating Natas1 in aim fights so much that he threatened to “expose” me if I showed screens of destroying him.
Also being considered “The Last Stand” in Paranoia or OG, when things got tricky for Mousy or Clever, I’d help em out in wars for the quick wins.
SA helped me make a lot of friends, shoutout to @Cole , @Mousy , and Overdose when we had our late night Skype calls! Miss everyone now.
– Moan

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #45

Noob clans? you created 3 ult clans to war me but I only added 1 win since it was actually legit at that time but since you say I only warred noobs then you are one right? 3X.

I don’t recall you ever beating infamous if you did that was probably because sav/ate played against you and also momo/covi left because they caught you on CE not because they got angry because they were defeated but because of that.

I gotta admit I remember the good times in Devastation but i’m guessing you are still holding grudges because I left it and took momo with me right? Forgive me though I wasn’t loyal to your clan at that time I was in multiple clans at that time (sublime 2l2q 2-pr0z others that I don’t remember) again Forgive me!

If you say you beat me, you never did lol BUT i’m sure you can beat me now.

(asgfgh) #46

What were those 3 alt clans? I never warred you before once in all these years. I saod I used alts to war, but that was very rare. I think I’ve done it like 3 times, which is a lot less than most people.I know I warred for bhs in his old clan, I think I beat one of red’s clans and inf again. It might not have been inf, may have been another clan with similar members. My memory is hazy since it was like 4 years ago. Speaking of alts, aku and another guy, forgot his name but he used to be in trident and divinity, warred me and I think momo on alt accounts. I don’t remember the name, but it was some ■■■■■■■■ like powerpuff girls or something.

And “they caught me on CE” yeah, no. How did they catch me on ce? If they caught me then there would be proof. More like suspect because they were in denial that they could lose. If you recall I was the first one to expose how to catch someone who uses ce on tac. It had to do with the player logs and it adding an extra 0-0 score with the game. Why would I teach people how to catch ce users then use ce myself? And don’t you also recall that I used to play sa at a library? Ce requires installation and extracting the folders to use.

And I don’t blame or hold any grudges against you, but you can’t deny that you rarely ever warred. You did your first clan war maybe after a year of felicity. It is a fact, I am not trying to belittle your clan. It just wasn’t a part of the competitive scene.