What is your favorite SA memory/ moment?


It can be any War moments, Tournament moments, FFA moments, Aim/2v2/1v1 moments anything! It has to be SA related though!

Here, i’ll start.

My favorite SA memory has to be when Flat world was very active … :frowning_face:

Now your turn…

The Endless Feels
(Metrø ßoomin) #2

Definitely when Flat World was the place to be. So many good friendships were made there, & many have faded. Ill always remember FW though. The good ole days💯

(xMeteorJet) #3

My favorite Sa moment had to be winning my first tournament in 2013 when I came back from my hiatus that occurred in 2009. After that tournament I realized how much of a beast I was at this game and gave me the motivation to win more in the future.

(☠) #4

Seeing my first rank 15 the og nauj in game i was like “yoooooo this guy pro af!” of course i was a noob and only like two guys had that rank so it was kind of a big deal don’t judge. Also when i played against the legendary .1. seeing this pro with clean ass corners destroying everyone was just amazing. Again, i was a noob. Oh, and getting my first year lab pass free because this kid decided to give me his password lol the good ol’ scam. It got perma ban with like 120 days left lol these all happen like the first year i started playing in 08-09 good times, good times.

(Dom😈😈😈💨) #5

Getting good at the game


When was that ? ez

(Glory) #7

LOL im sleep raspy

(Metrø ßoomin) #8

This ■■■■■ said getting good at sa, lmao where it at tho? Your aim is magnetically repelled to other stick figures.

(Emir) #9

When Europe was alive ye. And Flat World when it used to be the “pro server”. Smh unbelievable how it died from nearly a thousand players to like 10 players.

(Lexus(17)) #10

It’s hard to choose 1 favorite memory/moment after almost 10 years playing this game. If i could i will show fews special moments for me.

  1. When i achieved 30k rounds complete with HUGE help such players like HMK, Codfish800 and Voided. I treat this like my biggest SA succes.
  2. Our double high ranks in one game with Michal (12, 13) and Ford (11, 14)
  3. 5000 on 2 accounts with the same time (2013)
  4. Playing and talking with Oli_12 whole tonight :slight_smile:
    5.Some special “rank parties” like rank 10 on .nicc.o. and 13 on lexus17.

(Metrø ßoomin) #11

I know i already replied but I just miss being a noob. The game was WAY more fun without cornering & FK… Occasionally you’ll see me in a public match beating new players, but it isn’t the same since im experienced now. Concrete Jungle & the original storage yard > XGen HQ. Best Memory was being a noob i swear.

(Dom😈😈😈💨) #12

Wow look at all this hate against me that’s depressing

  1. first time getting 5000 cred, now I have all this cred and nothing to buy
  2. getting first VIP, the LP and custom maps were awesome
  3. posting first custom map to forum even though it was crap, got some good advice from the masters on how to improve it
  4. waiting for holidays so we get free lab pass, special spinners and vacation days to play
  5. making the leader board

(Lizbona) #14

Best memories were all the times I trolled the whole community.

(Idodo) #15

logging in everyday to see im banned >.<

(Cody Han) #16

When I served as a moderator for the first time in the summer of 2010, my brother (who knew my password and was ~10 years old at the time was tricked into giving it to some guy who said that he wanted to ban a hacker. If I remember correctly, his username (the guy who went rogue on my account) was “skill.” or something like that. He ended up banning all of the mods and a good chunk of players, and made the game pretty unplayable for a day.

It wasn’t a good “memory” at the time but it’s probably the thing that has taught me the most from SA. I learned to be more wary of people, to hold my secrets closer to myself, and to hold myself accountable for my direct and indirect actions. Quite a few people would say that you would learn “leadership skills” from serving as a moderator, but I found that SA moderators, for the most part, were just there for the mod team circlejerk and didn’t really care that much for the game or its community. When I hosted community playdays back in 2013/2014 (the last time that I was active on SA), I would often be the only one invested in the event and would have to take care of all of the planning, logistics, and execution of the event. The only positive thing that i can say about that experience was that it prepared me for some of the carrying that I had to do in group projects during the latter half of college.

Overall my time on SA has been bittersweet. I don’t regret the many hours that I spent on the game, but I can’t help but wonder where I’d be now if I’d spent … even just half of the time that I spent on SA on doing USACO challenges or project Euler problems or even reading fiction books.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #17

Wow when was this? do you have the date written on a notepad?

(Chris) #18

My favorite SA moment is when i came up silently in 2014-2016 era. I remember being basic at the game being made fun of cause lack of skill. All that changed with alt accs and playing the best in the game fluently. I remember aiming sneezes for nights straight and red here and there. 2v2 with edd and cutie from time to time gaining the EXP i needed to move foward. I came top 3 in aim tourny which was one of my biggest goals. Beating some of the most talented players in tourny even tho my name was talked about, it only showed how far i came to blow people minds.
So thanks to all who helped me without knowing ( Edd, Red, Daveee., Sneezes, Air, Ant,Lite, Cutie, Nova, Meteor) even in EU servers(o3, Emir, UYT, Merk, Nick, Lizbona, Michal)im pretty sure im missing others who helped me but those times were appreciated

(Antonio) #19

Fav SA moment was probably when I was extremely bad, worse than Raspy is, and I teamed with a lot of people from the likes of Smo, Chris, Juzo, Kismalle, Matt(Spiritz), Skullkilla, Livin, Bacardi, Red, Nova, Syke, Reign, Dna, Drake, Omar, Tormentor, Ascend3nt, Ninja, Noobishlol, Desire, Delirious, Mandown, TKO, Jay, Kilo, Shane, Sapphire, and G1n. These are all the homies from the very start, of course there were more homies as time moved on, but I’ll never forget these homies.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #20

Hell yeah!