What is going on?


So i just came back here after 6 years and i just realized a lot have changed in SA. First of all, why is my rank in SA zero when i was at rank 13? Second, i cant find a single player even in 2-dimensional central or Flat World.
Is this some kind of bug or are people less active than before? I just find it funny because the servers were full of people back when ballistick was realesed and everything seems dead now.

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Welcome back!

Yes, a lot has changed on Stick Arena.

We’ve started doing competitive seasons on Stick Arena since September 1, 2017, which has made everyone’s stats reset. I’ll link you to each season’s discussion threads:

We are currently in Season 5, which will last until May 31.

Unfortunately, it’s not a bug. The way I describe how the activity is on SA is this: the people back then are older now and have other things to do, like college, work, maybe even a family. Kids today have Xbox Ones, PlayStations, all that kind of stuff to play on now - quite a bit more amped than what Stick Arena is.

Typically there are more players on at night. We’ve also a Discord set up for the communities of both Stick Arena and Boxhead Bounty Hunter - 249 strong!

If you have any more questions, drop one here or feel free to message one of the moderators:

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To answer your first question: When all of Boxhead players (Boxhead bounty hunter) wanted a reset, they got it. Then they decided to reset SA ranks aswell.

Your second question: Activity has declined over the years, not as many people play anymore. But some of us gather up to 2v2 from time to time. We’re usually on discord (which you can get from http://discord.gg) and join the XGen Server here: https://discord.gg/vnQyDVy


I’m able to find at least one game most of the time during the day. This game is 13 years old altogether, not sure what you were expecting.

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