What is a good online game to play?


Does anyone know any other cool games to play ? Give me your thoughts about the game and how it works and maybe it’ll be a good of a game for me to play. It’ll be much appreciated for me!


Tekken 7 on PS4! Very high learning curve and mastering the hardest move in the game (EWGF - Electric Wind God Fist) just makes you want to spam/abuse the hell out of it when you learn how to do it of course, the sound effect is awesome too! Yeah, a fighting game though unlike Street Fighter this is a 3D one. :smiley:


Online pc games?


On PC too! :smiley:


try overwatch if u have cash, warframe if you dont

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Lmao i used to play that like 4 years ago

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There is a lot of free 2 play games on steam you should check some out if you haven’t already!


you could also try .io games, which seem to be the most popular web games

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Vertix Online – http://vertix.io/

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Go for csgo and PBG

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If you mean flash games, goodluck finding any better than SA. For ps4, Planetside 2 is a fun game once you get the hang of it.

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friday the 13th!!!

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Give Team fortress a try.


If you’re into ARPGs, I highly recommend Path of Exile. It plays similar to Diablo 2, and there are many different build opportunities. It’s a little confusing to a beginner, but there are many sources on youtube, reddit, and even the games own forums to help out new players. The best part is the game and any expansion that comes out is completely free. There are micro-transactions, but they are all cosmetic.

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I used to play that ■■■■. The aiming mechanics were just like sa so it only took a few days of playing to get used to the mechanics and ■■■■ on the competitive scene because everyone were noobs since the game was relatively new.

People cheat even more in that game than on sa, which lead me to quit. Idk about now but Reddit was the main forum used for vertix. One guy was moderator of not only the official subreddit, but also the official discord. He asked for a friendly 2v2 with the clan that I was in and I partnered with some random guy from our clan. I wasn’t trying since it was just friendly so they ended up winning. He posted them as if they were official clan wars, and I couldn’t call him out on it because he would just delete my posts on reddit and ban me on discord.

Edit: I checked the subreddit, it is dead. From seeing the posts it seems as if the game is dead too. Good, it was the most toxic gaming community I’ve ever seen.

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How bout console gaming? i on the Xbox one daily, tons of games to play. If you guys have xbox add me GT: Premium
But if we talking pc play CSGO. only game id play on pc besides smite or LoL.


hmu on that overwatch, ill play with anyone on my smurf @proamour


:blush: http://diep.io

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Destiny 2 is pretty cool. But it’s one of those games where it’s best played with friends, unless you want to take longer going through the story and leveling in general.

Rocket League. Hands down one of my favorite games ever. It’s super cool, super acrobatic, super hard to master, but also super fun once you start getting the hang of it.