What Browser Do you prefer to play SA on?

(Timbo) #1

I’m bored and I’m trying to make some new topics so why not :stuck_out_tongue:

When I play SA I prefer to play on Firefox, it feels nice and smooth compared to Google Chrome.

(Metrø ßoomin) #3

If I have to play on a browser, I definitely choose firefox as my go-to

(Lexus(17)) #4

It can be just a choice beetween “firefox” and “chrome”. I got used to chrome in the last 4 years. Today I’d prefer “chrome”.


I use firefox or chrome, I have chrome on my laptop so I use it more often

(Emir) #7

Firefox might the best and easiest to use for me.


I like firefox best, IE player movement gets stuck moving or weapon keeps firing until direction key the player is stuck going is pressed or fire button is pressed, Chrome has some wall glitch, cheat engines don’t sound like fun.


I play it on google chrome because it’s my favorite browser and because i have a good computer that can handle it. For the people who have a computer that is not that good i would not recommend playing on chrome because it kinda uses a lot of ram, and i have heard people i know saying they don’t use chrome because it gives them lag. You could use Edge. Windows 10’s browser, that doesn’t lag for most people.

(OOF) #11

I personally can’t run a browser because dimensions is to damn laggy I wish there was a way maybe if devs deleted all the unneeded files on Sa and maybe it’ll run faster

(Don) #12

Firefox is good but I’ve never had a bad experience with Chrome.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #15

I use EAC nowadays. Before that I used TAC, and before I used TAC, I used Chrome. Naturally, Chrome is the browser I prefer. It’s only a sucky browser if you have a sucky computer (same goes for Firefox).

(JMez) #16

It’s a tie between FireFox and Chrome for me. Both of them run SA well for me, no lag or whatnot. I just play it on whatever browser I have open at the time.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #17

I use any and I still can’t type in stick arena.

(Dom😈😈😈💨) #18

ce is still the best

(Ddmasterkiller) #19

I play on chrome because i only have chrome

(h.a.r.d) #20

i play on chrome but what sucks is that i have a very old mac so everytime i try to aim my cursor glitches every 2 seconds. feelsbadman


Chrome but it displays a weird black graph now on all maps when i use chrome, even when i fix the page size :frowning:

(icykiller2) #22

I use Chrome or Opera

(Lizbona) #23

i use opera k

(Glory) #24

Mozerella Firefox