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(Dede) #1

Seeming that I can’t edit the old poll I just made a new one on this page.
Who will be Advancing to NBA finals in the eastern conference?

  • Toronto Raptors
  • Boston celtics
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Philadelphia 76ers

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NBA finals
(The Neon Transformer) #2

If Derozan was still on the Raptors, I’d say the Raptor will be on the finals. If Lebron didn’t leave Cavaliers, then it’s obviously clear that the Cavs will win in the Eastern Conference.


(Dede) #3

Derozan never made to the finals in his life He chokes every time. Well the whole team does, and lowry doesn’t play good either.


(The Neon Transformer) #4

Well that’s because he fights Lebron’s team nearly every season.


(The Mad Titan King) #5

No, as much as we love LeThanos dominating the east one more time last season, I am very sure that this year’s Bucks, Raptors, Celtics, Sixers, and probably Pacers would be better than Cavs if LeBron stayed in the east. Last years’ Cavs playoffs run was impressive, but their opponents were underwhelming: a Raptors team that seems built to choke against LeBron after years of mental blockage, a Pacers team that lacked star power outside of Oladipo and still somehow took the Cavs to seven games, and a Celtics team led by youngsters with no Kyrie and no Hayward that also took them to 7. This years’ Eastern conference, especially top 4 teams, is wayyyyy better than what I just described. There is too much starpower, depth, physicality, and good coaching/system on these teams. 2018 Cavs can’t compete with any of the 2019 Bucks, Raptors, Celtics, and Sixers for sure. Unless Cavs front office made a big move to give LeBron help, LeBron would not be making it to finals in the east if he stayed on the Cavs man.

And bro, Raptors are clearly better with Kawhi than with Derozan. Kawhi is just a better all around player and also has clutch moments in the playoffs, like 2014 Finals MVP.

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(Six Sinister) #6

All around, the better team is Milwuakee definitely. Top 5 in offensive and defensive rating and has (debatably) the best player in the world on their team right now. Versatility and a great leader is what they do possess but what about what they don’t have? Experience. Which is why the Raptors are my pick for the team to come out of the East, why? Kawhi is a former Finals MVP (which was given to him because of the disruptions he caused PRIME LeBron) even though dude is still putting up 27-9-8 at 34 years old, his prime was obviously with the Heat. On top of that we have former DPOY Marc Gasol who has consistently led the Grizzlies to the playoffs year after year and has even brought them to a WCF.

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(The Mad Titan King) #7

Your prediction is panning out so far. Kawhi is looking unstoppable, and the Bucks are having some trouble now.



Draymond Green should be suspended from NBA for being a dirty player during playoffs.


(The Mad Titan King) #9

Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors for bringing the Larry O’Brien trophy to the great North!!