Upcoming Summer Events!

(Shane) #1

Hello Everyone!

With the Summer approaching, let’s have fun and play some XGen Games.

There will be Upcoming Summer Events such as Discord Playdays (Trivia and VC Events), Stick Arena and Boxhead Tournaments, Stick Arena Map Contests, Stick Arena and Boxhead Playdays, Forums Events, and many more New Events that haven’t been done before! Let’s look forward to this Summer and spend our time making fond memories of our favorite XGen Games.

Let’s all relax and enjoy the Summer together!
Please come on down to the XGen Gaming Community
(Permanent Invite Link): https://discord.gg/A528cMf

(Shane) #4

There will be a Stick Arena Tournament Schedule that will posted this week.


There will be a Forums Event that will be posted for all the creative players we have.

XGen Gaming Community: discord.gg/A528cMf
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