Thunder Clan Chronicles

(The Mad Titan King) #1

On behalf of Trinity and my fellow clan members, I present the best clan of the new era:

Discord Server:
Note about our Discord Server: it is open to anyone that is not a Thunder clan member. Clan members have the “Thunderling” role (yellow color). Non-members will only have access to the general chat area.

(Ice) #2

Divinity declares war on you. Xgen HQ, 2vs2, 10 screen war, nfk, taor, no basic at 0-0, no hacking, no glitching, must screen when asked, Post-pone limit maximum 5 days. Do you accept? (#warning) (#trumpet)

(The Mad Titan King) #3

Divinity? Is that supposed to be a clan? Please state your website and warlist first; there is no reason to declare since I cannot recognize “Divinity” as a clan.

(Ice) #4

Yes, Divinity is a clan. It is the clan that has warred you many times in the past. The website has been the same and has never been changed.

(who?) #5

(The Mad Titan King) #6

Okay so:
Divinity website:
Known warlist: Ava, Sin, Ant, Ash, Ice, Fret, TM, Traitor. Feel free to use whoever you want, as long as they are not on my warlist on my website.

Thunder accepts, good luck.

War lost at 1-10/10. (2/10/19) Gg’s, good war.

(Ajay) #7

Simple Clan declares a 15 screen 2v2 Xgen HQ war on Thunder Clan! No basic/bat/rg camping at 0-0, no hammer camping, nfk, taor, no hacking, no glitching, and no playing on alts, you must play on your MAIN account. You must provide a FULL screen when asked. 3 day postpone limit. No outside help. Loser must admit defeat. Do you ACCEPT?

(The Mad Titan King) #8

We accept war vs. Simple, good luck guys.


Been a long time since there was a clan war in SA :stuck_out_tongue:

(asgfgh) #10

Ikr what am I even witnessing here. What year is it?

(The Mad Titan King) #12

We lose 13-15/15 to Simple, good war guys.


GG, you guys played great!

(The Mad Titan King) #14

Just started a 20 screen 2v2 Cutie Cycle war on [ ??? ] Clan. [ ??? ] Clan has Try (Solid), Air (Ranking), Rec, and potentially Guzzy and Lite.

Good luck guys! (And let me know the name of your clan!)

Score: 5-5/20