This or That game!



Pizza or Hamburgers

(Nikki) #536

sad :frowning:


Ino or Sakura (naruto)


Ino, she is more useful than Sakura

Devil Fruits (One Piece) or Quirks (MHA)

(Nikki) #538

Devils Fruit

David Dobrick or Liza Koshy

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #539

I didn’t know them so I searched them up… They both seem to be horribly dramatic and fake.
I’ll just go for the girl then => Liza Koshy

Chicken in red wine sauce with mashed potatoes
Deer Stew with potato gratin

(Two traditional Christmas/New Year meals in my country)

(Nikki) #540

smh chicken im dissapointed
I havent had either so i choose chicken

WInter or Summer

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #541

Summer. I hate the cold and the darkness.


(Nikki) #542

Summer my brithday plus longest break plus warm weather plus summer clothes

Fall or WInter



PS4 or Xbox One

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #544

I always prefered PlayStation tbh…

Black Ops 4

(ʜᴇʟʟˊs ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ / Unholy Torture Machine) #545

Black Ops 4

The Legend of Zelda or Contra

(Schallmeister) #546

The Legend of Zelda

Mario Kart series or Forza series

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #547

Mario Kart brings up tons of good memories to me…

Nintendo DS

(Schallmeister) #548

I liked them both, but the DS was portable soooo

Texting someone or calling someone

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #549

Texting someone, so random people can’t eavesdrop on your conversation, especially if you’re out in public.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

(Schallmeister) #550

Star Wars. Duh. I have a sticker on the windshield of my car that says “May The Force Be With You”, with the o in force being the rebel sign.

Being able to explore the unknown parts of earth (oceans, rainforests, you name it) with no limits or being able to explore all of outer space with no limits.


being able to explore all of outer space with no limits.

Having a lightsaber or using your force

(Schallmeister) #552

Using the force I feel has way more abilities than using a lightsaber. I mean, look at Luke in TFA :woman_shrugging:t2:

Chocolate or vanilla



Ice cream or S’mores

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #554

Ice cream!! :icecream:

Ferrari or Lamborghini?