This or That game!

(mack) #289

Carmel cubes !

Checkers or Chess?

(Schall) #290



Kemps or Euchre

(mack) #291


black spinners or red spinners


Black spinner

Tupac or Biggie

(☠) #293

biggie now and always

Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese

(Lexus.) #294

Martin Scorsese.

Quincy Jones or Narada Michael Walden?


Quincy Jones (Even tho i dont know who they are)

Champions League or World Cup


Since nobody answered, ill hop in to next question.

Beef or pork?

(James) #297

Eww, both are nasty, but still I would pick beef.

Prebuilt gaming pc that cost 1,000 dollars or A budget built gaming pc that was built by you however it has good graphics just for gaming but not has good as the 1,000 dollars one?

Note: the Budget gaming pc has gtx 1030 graphics card.


Budged gaming wirh gtx 1030.

Looks or personality

(Lexus.) #299

Strongly personality.

And my answer for your previous question World Cup

Credit card or debit card?

(James) #300

And I would pick personlity, too, Rough.

Debit Card


Credit card

Megalodon or Mosasaurus


DC or Marvel



Girls or Cars


Pot que no las dos¿

Gotta be girls tho lmao I mean come on.

White collar or blue collar?


Blue collar

New York or London



Pokemon or Digimon



British accent or American accent


American accent
Xbox or Playstation