They all knew it was a catch


The Patriots Steelers game was a good competitive game between two good teams. Competitive until the very last seconds. Why can’t the league let the game play out and stop trying to control all aspects, every detail. Taunting, excessive celebration, unapproved uniforms,… wah wah wah. They’re sissifying the game.

They all knew it was a catch and touchdown. Players and coaches on both teams knew, officials knew, fans knew, announcers knew. So it was at the goal line, it was still a catch, the ball was in control, crossed the plane, the league had to overthrow the call.


I agreed it was a touchdown and a catch. Lol my dad and I was watching this live, and I’m telling you he wasn’t even a steelers fan and he was PISSED lmao. If anything, it should placed at the 1-yard line. Plus, I don’t understand the logic at the last play, when Big Ben was trying to fake spike it, then throw into a tight coverage with 3 PLAYERS WITH HIM, for his receiver and ended up getting picked off. Just because of that, they deserve to lose. Not to mention, they could’ve kicked the field goal and turn it into OT.


that play signifies life in general

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