The Stick Arena Mini-game Festival Returns in 2019


Welcome back to the Stick Arena Mini-Game Festival! This is our second festival and we are returning this year for another one of our Grand Festivals.

What is the Stick Arena Mini-Game Festival?

The Stick Arena Mini-Game Festival is exactly what it sounds like: A festival of mini-games! Participants will be competing in user-made mini-games, such as The Maze Runner, Stick Raceway Park, SA Wars, The Button, and many more to come! Each party of players will compete for the most points in their session, where they will be moved up to the final party. There is a set amount of points you need to advance. The first person to reach the set amount will be considered the winner and moved to the final party, consisting all of party winners. This party will be the one competing for the prizes. Think of the final party as the FINALS.

The Mini-Games

Here are a list of the Mini-Games, and descriptions for each of them.

The Maze Runner

In The Maze Runner, players must join into a labyrinth map and seek to kill the host of the event first. The first person to get a kill off of the event host’s stickmen will receive a point, and the game will end upon the point being rewarded.

Stick Raceway Park

In Stick Raceway Park, players will line up at the start line of their respective racing area. They will have to navigate through a tricky hallway, and their ability to navigate through these tricky tiles will be their ticket to winning! Your goal is to make it through the mini-maze first and grab the hammer, which will be placed in front of the Event Host. The first person to get the hammer will receive the point.

Stick Arena Wars

In Stick Arena Wars, each team will be assigned to a pre-made base. The base will have many parts to it, and a weapon room, stocked full of 4 weapons: 2 ranged, 2 melee. The bases will be placed on either side of the map, the left and right. In between the bases, will be a battlefield, an empty area excluding the many tiles placed for coverage. The base will have an entrance from the bottom of it. The goal is for a team member of the opposite base to get inside of the enemy base and infiltrate it. They must reach the inside of their weapon room to be considered a winner and to receive a point, for everyone in their team.

The Button

In The Button, players must start at the beginning of a maze to the center of the map. The first person to press the Button with their Hammer weapon (which they will grab at the start), wins. The Event Host will be waiting at the button to announce the winner. The first person to hit “The Button” (a different colored tile) will receive the winning point.


The Prizes will be, as listed:

1st place: One custom Old Skool or Pro Spinner + 2-Month Lab Pass + 10,000 Cred, on account of choice + $50 Gift Card of choice
2nd place: One randomly selected spinner from the Spinner Thread + 1-Month Lab Pass + 7,500 Cred, on account of choice + $25 Gift Card of choice
3rd place: 1-Month Lab Pass, 5,000 Cred, on account of choice. + $10 Gift Card of choice
4th place: 2-Week Lab Pass, 2,500 Cred, on account of choice.

Sounds awesome! When is this event? How do I sign up?

This event will be hosted on April 11th, 2019, at 2:00 P.M. Central Standard Time!

To sign up, please post in this thread stating the username you would like to play with, like so: “/sign username”. All players will be randomly added to their own party a week before the Festival begins, and you will be given a time frame as to when your party plays. Party 1 starts at 2:00. Party 2 starts at 3:30. Party 3 starts at 5:00, and Party 4 starts at 6:30, all Central Standard Times. The server location will be announced when the Parties are announced, too.

We look forward to seeing you there!

(Ajay) #3

/sign Nightmare


Is there a chance we could pick our own party? I really want to do this, but April 8th is a Monday, and if I’m on my normal work schedule I will only be able to participate if I’m in Party 4…

Regardless, this is an awesome event! :smiley:

(dad) #5

/sign pro …

(Mint) #6

/sign Jonti

(Elited) #7

/sign Untraditional

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/sign Pain

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #10

/sign TheHolyChicken


/sign Trooperxo

(Ama) #12

/sign CyberSlayer


Already 10 sign ups, awesome! I will make more Parties and split up the times appropriately if we get more than 16 people!

(Lexus(17)) #14

/sign Lexus


As long as I can be put into Party 1 I would like to join otherwise I will have to forfeit.

/sign Boozeboy

(Donovan) #16


/sign Grasp85

(apex gouy) #17

/sign .ap3x.

(Dixenormus) #18

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