The Low Road - Released Today!

(Scott) #1

Hey everyone! With all of the excitement surrounding the launch I forgot to make a post here!

The Low Road is now available on Steam for Mac and PC. If you pick it up now you’ll get 10% off!

Thanks for all the tweets and support today! Now I can sleeeeeeeep…

  • Scott

(Luis) #2

Congrats on the release! Seems like there should be an award waiting for the team in Seattle.

(Scott) #3

Haha thanks for the vote of confidence Luis!


Great job! I’m definitely going to be playing this game sometime.

(Metrø ßoomin) #6

Congratulations on release! Took awhile to release it, but I might just buy it to show my support for the XGen team. #LongLiveXGen

(Emir) #8

Amazing job guys! Excited to try it out. Now it’s time to interact more with the Community haha :wink:.

(☠) #9

Loving it thus far! Indeed a fine job, Xgen team.


i am buying the low road for sure! good job xgen!

(OOF) #12

Im sorry to say devs but I’ma disappointed in the game the puzzles were really easy and it wasn’t that long of a game maybe you guys should make less puzzle games and more shooter games like people want

(Meent) #13

18 dollars for a puzzle game??? what has xgen turned into

(OOF) #14

I dont know stick rpg has the best adult jokes drug references and guns and all kinds of other fun stuff now there a kid friendly business only way for a business to truly make a Success is if everyone has there mind in one direction and see what there Dan’s want more of lol