The Low Road is out in 6 days!

(Scott) #1

Hey everyone!

Thanks for following along with us on twitter. I’ve been posting a few screenshots and chatting with you folks over there, so if you’re bored, drop us a line! @xgenstudios

Just thought I’d check in and show you some of the updated screenshots of The Low Road. And also let you know about our latest trailer, which some of you have probably already seen!



Thanks for following along with The Low Road’s development. We can’t wait for you to play it! You can add The Low Road to your Steam Wishlist to get notified on launch day!

  • Scott

(Stickdude) #2

Looks killer man! Congratulations on ya’lls new release!

(Scott) #3

Thanks dude! Lots of hard work has gone into this!

(Nick) #4

Looks really good, looking forward to it :100:

(OOF) #5

So is this actually being released I mean I see the countdown but you guys kept holding it a few days back btw what do you guys do after you release a new game?

(Scott) #6

Good questions! Haha! Yes is is actually being released, we had some issues with the timing of the last planned date. As for the previous delays we were just a bit too ambitious with the schedule and had to delay to ensure that we were putting our best foot forward for launch.

After the several weeks following the release of any game we develop we spend time making sure that it works on most players’ systems, and we promote the heck out of it. We are currently scheduled to attend an industry event in Seattle called Casual Connect where we have to opportunity to show the game to a bunch of people. We’re also a finalist to receive an Indie Prize award there. Wish us luck!!!

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(OOF) #7

Awesome I wish you guys a bunch of luck to bad I don’t live in Seattle I would totally go also can’t wait to buy it how much will the low road cost

(Emir) #8

Looks great!

(☠) #9

was waiting for some kind of announcement on here but yooo its finally out bois!! Time to check this baby out!

(Lizbona) #11

The game looks good however I hoped for some info about your future works.


Congrats to the Xgen Team!


Your artwork is impecable