The Low Road coming to Nintendo Switch!

(Kaelyn) #1

We’re extremely thrilled to announce today The Low Road will be available on @NintendoAmerica #nintendoswitch this summer! Check out the official trailer:

(Schallmeister) #2

No way! I already have it for my Mac, but I may as well get it for the Switch too so I can play it on my long lunches at work haha.

Pretty big step!

(Shane) #3

Well, this is cool that you guys are using different platforms.

Step in the right direction :ok_hand:

I hope everyone loves this new move, I know I do. Woot!


That is awesome! :smiley:

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(Kaelyn) #6

Hey XGen’s #1 fans thought I would also share this here with you guys even though we know you probably have these games but just in case!!!

The Low Road coming to #nintendoswitch just has the XGen team so excited we put all our #steam games on SALE!!:hugs::video_game:

(Schallmeister) #7

Are we getting closer? :smiley:

(Kaelyn) #8

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Yes!!!:wink:

(Kaelyn) #9

Hey Guys!

Unsure if you saw this yesterday on social media but we have an official date now for The Low Road on Nintendo Switch August 23, 2018!!!

(Schallmeister) #10

Ah, another game to add to my list.

(Kaelyn) #11

We’re doing an AMA right now… if you guys want to chat with the developers! The Low Road only ahaha