Thanks xGEN - RAS


Im in Daytona, like 30 mins away from Orlando.


stay safe guys


UPDATE: currently, 11:05 and IRMA has already hit The Florida keys. It is now coming northwest, so i hope it does not give us hard damages. We currently looking at Tornado Watches, Storm Surges, and of course IRMA. Right now, we are getting high winds up to 80 mph, and we haven’t even got the main event(IRMA). I’ll make sure to keep in touch with you guys…

                             Thanks - RAS


I hope that you and your family will get out this safely. Keep us updated!

(Schallmeister) #25

I last saw it was down to a category 3, but from Cuba to southern Florida it could pick back up to a category 4 or 5 with that warm water.

Stay safe son.

(OOF) #26

No reply from ras or ash on discord I hope they just took out the cell towers if not rip ras and ash


watched the weather channel it didn’t look too bad up there, just power outages… fort myers actually didn’t get wrecked too badly

(OOF) #28

That’s great to hear maybe they arnt dead


Let’s hope they are both alright. This is a pretty big thing.

(Glory) #30

I hope ras made it out


Hey guys, got out of the hospital 3 or 4 hours ago. I had a slight injury with my leg, i’m doing fine now. My parents decided to evacuated on the day, Irma was suppose to arrive, and on my way out, there was winds coming from 70-80 mph south. I had stuff full on both hands, and i somehow tripped up on my foot and landed on my leg the wrong way. I got back home, and my house was surrounded by water. About 7-8 inches of water, outside of my house. We had some water in the house, but it wasn’t anything major. About 3 or 4 trees fell on top of my roof, and a few bushes being thrown around. I have videos and photos that i wanted to share with you guys, maybe when i get settled down. Other than that, we’re fine. Thanks to the people who were concerned.



Damn thats ridiculous, hope you get better asap. :pray:


Good thing that you’re ok. Hope you get well soon!

(Schallmeister) #34

We were a bit worried about you on Discord. Glad you’re alright.

(OOF) #35

Gang gang glad to see ash and ras are ight maybe when I’m 18 I’ll go down to Houston or Florida and help rebuild some of the ■■■■

(Scott) #36

Man, glad you’re safe @TheRealRas.

(Glory) #37

What about me O.o

(Scott) #38

You too Ash!!! :flushed: … sorry!

(Schallmeister) #39

Let’s not forget Luis. I haven’t heard from him at all.