Thanks xGEN - RAS


This is the last, i would like to thanks all of my stick g’s for making my stick career fun. Special thanks to schallmeister and all the other mods out there. I really hope i make it out , if not that means im dead…

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(Rapper) #2

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(Scott) #3

Stay safe out there!


Let us know if you got out there safe! Stay safe!

(Schallmeister) #5

The only hurricane I remember hitting where I live was Hurricane Ike. I think we only got the wind from it, but it destroyed our back yard and took out the power.

(Stickdude) #6

Yes, bring it on irma


wow rip ras i’ll miss you bb girl xox

(Schallmeister) #8

I saw Irma was a category 5 as of late yesterday.


Yes it is… Hopefully it doesnt do much damage…

(Stickdude) #10

This thing is stronger than matthew was last year… so i think we’re going to get a lot of damage and flooding… Very unfortunate.

Be safe

(Glory) #11

Its All Good Ras We Can Just Use Your Forehead For Cover


UPDATE: I will try to catch some footage of the storm or take some pictures, i’ll try my best to get good ones without any dangerous moves. As of right now, it seems like IRMA is going to 100% hit Florida. Hopefully it does not hit us hard (which i doubt) , but all i can do is pray and see what happens. Now, there is another HURRICANE, right behind IRMA named “JOSE” , which might curved towards Florida , but i am not very sure right now. Where i am at , will not get IRMA until, SUN 8AM-2PM. Dominican Republic/ Haiti, Turks and Caicos , Bahamas, and Cuba all got hit by IRMA, and did a lot of DAMAGE. Will do my best to keep me and my family safe from this horrific Hurricane

For the people that do not watch the news, or isn’t caught up with it. Here are some photos.




(Schallmeister) #13

Looks like I’ll be getting some wind from this one.

For your sakes Ras, don’t be playing SA when this is happening.

(Ice) #14

Don’t worry Ras, Trump won’t let Jose in the US.

(Glory) #15

Bro Ras Were ■■■■■■

(OOF) #16

We will have a memorial for Ras and Ash if then never return

(Metrø ßoomin) #17

In these situations, just do the only thing that matters…

Win one last stick arena tournament before you start flying in the wind


The only thing you can do is hope for the best. Let us know if you get out of this safely!


where in florida are you at ras? i’m a little north of naples about to get wrecked

(Glory) #20

I Think He’s In Orlando