Team, Kick, Kill Game

(Lexus.) #63

Team with Cole, kill Canasian, kick Weed.

Elited, Nonstopf, John2Blue

(Shane) #64

Team with Elited, Kick Nonstopf, Kill John2Blue

Drone, 808Blah, Kendry

(OOF) #65

Team with Drone kick 808blah and kill kendry for not giving me my valentines spinner for my birthday last year q.q

Carlos, Delsin, Anubis


Team with Carlos, kill Anubis and kick that other guy

Asg, fonz and kilo

(Lexus.) #67

Team with Kilo :wink: kill Asg, kick Fonz.

RealSimon, E.a.sports, Cl0pp

(Princess Luna) #68

Team with e.a.sports, kick realsimon, and kill cl0pp

Miami54, Snowdrift, Diffname.Resurrected

(Lexus.) #69

Team with Diffname, kill Miami, kick Snowy.

Deziedezz, Reddy100, Zerotime :slight_smile:

(Shane) #70

Team with Reddy, Kick Zerotime, Kill Deziedezz

RealSimon, N3rd, thepug

(Lexus.) #71

Team with RealSimon, kill pug pug, kick Nerd.

Silverchaos, Silverthehotdog, Opicekiil.

(Hell's Dragon) #72

Team with Silverthehotdog, kick Opicekiil, kill Silverchaos

Schallmeister, Canasian, Ford

(Lexus.) #73

Team with Kamil, kill Schall, kick Can( just for last accident).

Gooeymonster, Superbrawlpikachufan, Dudmanz.

(Shane) #74

Team with Gooeymonster, kick Superbrawlpickachufan, kill Dudmanz

Motionlesskills, Venomovs, Muddy

(Lexus.) #75

Team with Muddy, kill Venomovs, kick this maze noob.

Michal2, Raise, Afterlife

(Hell's Dragon) #76

Team with Afterlife, kick Raise, kill Michal2

Dual, nonstopf, UnclePaulie

(Lexus.) #77

Team with Nonstopf, kill Dual. kick UnclePaulie

Dan, Carlos, Thezapper41

(Shane) #78

Team with Carlos, Kick Zap, Kill Dan

Apple, Heel, Twisted

(Schall) #79

Team with Heel, kick Apple, kill Twisted.

,spectacular.death, super44444, Deadmafia

(Pa☈a↾⇃oia) #80

Team with Deadmafia, kick spectacular.deatch, kill super44444

Fret, Half.blind.hero, Hamster12012

(Lexus.) #81

Team with Protector, kill Hamster, kick Fret.

Rhodon, Ikaru, Cl0pp

(Pa☈a↾⇃oia) #82

Team with Rhodon, kill Cl0pp, kick Ikaru

.443., Sebekpolak51, Ash