Super Motherload free download for ps plus

(Stickdude) #1

Like the title says, Super Motherload is currently available for free in the PlayStation store for ps plus members until 9/5/2017

(OOF) #2

Already got it kinda curious how it became free did xgen agree @Scott or wut

(Scott) #3

Yes indeed. We partnered with PlayStation to bring it free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers!

(OOF) #4

I bought it for PS3 and I didn’t plan on buying it for PS4 so this was dope little advertisement glad I could get it for free :grin:

(Scott) #5

Funny enough, you should be able to get it on PS4 regardless of the PS Plus Freebie since you bought it on PS3. Super Motherload uses PlayStation’s cross-buy capabilities.

(OOF) #6

I had to make a new account the email I used to have was changed and Sony wouldn’t help me due to security reasons, now it’s time to go catch me a birdy