Suggestion/Possibility for XGen games?

(Steven ‘Hidden’) #1

I’m not sure if something like this has been suggested before but the idea of making some of these XGen games into actual downloadable multiplayer games like on Steam or something is really intriguing to me. I played Stick Arena from 2008-2013 and I hop on here from time to time to see if the game is still on the decline player wise. It’s just a thought - I would really enjoy playing on an active stick arena again as I’m sure a lot of you would.

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #2

I was going to make a thread like this further down the road, but I might as well voice my concerns here.

This NEEDS to happen if games like Stick Arena and Boxhead Bounty Hunter are going to continue into the future. Because Flash is at its end-of-life phase. By 2020, we will no longer be able to play online flash games. The ONLY way for games like SA and BBH to continue to be playable is for them to be ported to a different engine. Putting them on Steam would seem natural if this to be done.

If XGen does not port these games to Steam or another platform by 2020, they will no longer be playable, whether XGen wants to support them or not.

So, what will XGen do? Port them to Steam, and perhaps re-gain parts of the old community? (Imagine old players seeing the notification that SA/BBH is now available on Steam! Wouldn’t that make them come back??) Or, will they sign the death sentence for these games? It is in their hands… @Jordan @Kaelyn @David

(Steven ‘Hidden’) #3

Appreciate the reply. There’s endless possibilities with games like this and I’d hate to see it end without at least an attempt to expand - you never know, it might even blow up. Just imagine ‘Schooler is now playing Stick Arena’ Steam notification on the bottom right of your screen. You’d love to see it

(Kaelyn) #4

Hey Guys!

Thanks for these messages. Yes we are fully aware the by 2020 online flash games will not work. We do have some things in the works but being a small development team it takes a bit of time, so please continue to enjoy the online flash games and be patient with us.

All the best,

the XGen Team

(Donovan) #5

imagine being able to bet creds on games