Stick arena;

(Anthony Johnny p) #1

Does anybody play this game anymore? I haven’t played since about 2008 and I can’t log into any of my accounts anymore :expressionless: (Y3lloman) , y3ll0 , smoke.johnny) was wondering if anybody from the old days still played this game? It was fun but is it dead now?


(The Mad Titan King) #2

People still play! If you can’t log into your old accounts, make a new one so you can login for now, then contact a moderator about your old accounts. Hope to see you around!


(Cнιcĸeɴ) #3

Here is a list of all the current moderators you could contact. I’m one too, but I know very little about SA, so other mods will probably be able to give you better assistance than me :slight_smile:


(Schallmeister) #6

I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m still here. I can help you with whatever accounts you’re wanting back.


(Anthony Johnny p) #7

Are you sure? I just have two that I actually really want back, the accounts are “Y3lloman” and “y3ll0” when Ballistick came out I had two of my maps featured in there back in day when dinosaurs like me used to play this game… lol

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