Stick Arena Ranks


I was wondering since the admissions stopped with resetting our ranks every month for a prize, if we can maybe have our ranks back that we had before. This could maybe bring a-lot of players back and people might be more active to the game. Before our ranks were reset Scott saved all of our info - - @Jordan @david @Scott @Kaelyn @Schallmeister


That really depends if they saved a copy of the database on that date and not just the high-score ones.

(Lexus) #3

Actually don’t think the game will more active if our ranks back that we had before.
i believe some people who achieved larger ranks right now than before reset will dissatisfied.
People like : Mint56, Grasp85, Demoniczodiac, Jennyhardstyle19 and RealSimon are important part of SA community and one of most active players at the moment. Sometimes you don’t truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Im not sure that they will want to stay if they lost their ranks. It’s impossible to bring old ranks and keep new ranks at the same time. There are still a lot of players with old “leaderboard” who wants at least visit SA from time to time. We can’t be sure these players will want back to SA for long time. Tournaments, Playdays, Competitive seasons and Map Contest events give a chance for bring more players back at least for a while. That’s enough. No one expect miracles. Most people who were important part of SA community have their own responsibilities. (school/work/wife/husband/children etc) they don’t have time to play every day. BTW these are a lot of other games. I think we should care about people who wants still play our game. We shouldn’t to complicate their situation. Ranks aren’t more resetting, so it’s chance to keep at least our little ranks :smiley: or might be get some high ranks. Reset wasn’t just a reason why many players left SA… It was just attempt to save Stick Arena. I personally think whole SA community should know about reset before it happened. It wasn’t fair to people like Edd and Nonstopf who wasn’t be able to achieve rank 15, although they both deserved for their Stick Arena career.

(JS, circa 2005) #4

Combining all stats would be the best option if it were even possible.

(SA Air) #5

he named like 5 players & called it a community… if you wanna hold onto ur 5 man “community” go ahead. but bringing back the ranks would make me wanna hop on more. lmao the reset was poorly executed anyways

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #7

I don’t think old ranks should be given back because so many of those stats were alted. Now, alting is against the rules (getting caught alting gets all your accounts reset now). So no, these ranks shouldn’t be given back. But there still needs to be a cumulative leaderboard…

(Ajay) #8

Is it really different now, though? Alting let players get the max kills fast (60). Urinal lets other plays get the max kills (40 now) fast aswell. Did you notice that pretty much all the high ranks are urinalers? I don’t see much of a difference between the previous leaders and the current ones.

(SA Air) #9

im just sayin that nobody even plays competitive on the LB lmao like they all urinal TOGETHER. It drove away everyone else because nobody saw a point in competing against dudes who only help eachother

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #10

There would be a difference, if not for the maximum number of kills per round being maxed out at 40. Back when the maximum was 60, urinal actually had skill involved. Now, everyone just stops once they get 40 kills and lets everyone else get to 40. So no, it isn’t really that different. But if the max kpr was restored back to 60, it would be…