Stick Arena .PNG Files

(Luke) #1

Can I get .PNG files for ranks, stickmen poses, etc. I’d like to make graphics :slight_smile:


You could get the ranks from the ballistick2.swf ( if you decompile it with a flash decompilier. If you don’t get them later I could send them over to you. Not sure about the stick poses though (if i recall, they’re not whole in the SWF, just bits of pieces.)

(Luke) #3

If you could, please just send the raw files lol. Far too lazy to decompile, and also I don’t know how. Would like ranks, stick poses (whatever you can find or give), spinners / pets. Thanks a bunch Cole.


I sent you a PM with most stuff that you need. Please let me know if you need anything else.

(Luke) #5

The ranks you sent me are extremely small as in if I enlarge them, they will lose a ton of quality.


Which size are you trying to enlarge to? Width and height? Those ranks are how they are found in the SWF but i’ll look if there’s some bigger in here.


Also here’s some more: (I don’t know why some are grey, that’s the way I found them).:


(Luke) #8


This is a 200x200 white background, the rank is enlarged not even that much. If you try to save the rank and open it in something, you can tell it’s extremely small.


I can’t seem to get the ranks bigger without ruining quality either. Maybe someone around here has a copy of the ranks from the highscores. Those were bigger and looked good.

(Luke) #10

Ok thanks anyways!

(Shad0ws / Jon) #11



They’re jpgs, but who cares?

(Luke) #12

I care because that is some terrible quality.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #13

Hey, blame the people who uploaded the jpeg for the Devlian merchandise. Not me. That’s the best quality you’ll get pal.