Stick Arena Official Rules


Welcome to the Stick Arena: Dimensions Rules page. Here you will find the rules for the game. The rules are here to keep our community safe, and our game healthy.

  • Spamming. Spamming in any server lobby is against the rules. This includes sending many messages to flood the lobby chat, and sending random gibberish (“fIOFNefwhfkdhfuewfhewjfhwuhfewfjehwkjf”).

  • Bypassing the swear filter. Attempting to get past the swear filter is against the rules.

  • Flaming, Trolling, Provoking. Attacking any other user is against the rules. You may not use distasteful language towards another user, and you may not try to provoke another user to break the rules or use distasteful words.

  • Language. You are not allowed to use racial slurs or any negative word about any race, at all. Period. It is distasteful behavior and we do not allow it.

  • URLs. Sharing, or requesting, any inappropriate link is against the rules.

  • Hacking, and Clients Using any type of hack or program not approved by XGenStudios is strictly forbidden. This includes programs like Jitbit, Targex Anti Cheat, Fearless Anti Cheat, etc. You are only allowed to play on the website or on the Steam Client. Admitting to hacking is you assuming a ban for hacking.

  • Phishing. Attempting to gain access to any account’s password that is not yours is not allowed. You are not allowed to ask for another user’s password.

  • Use of Account Creators/Clients to get questionable colors. Account Creators and Spinner Clients are not approved by XGen. Please keep in mind that we can not assist with accounts stolen or lost by using such clients - it is against the rules. If you would like to assign yourself a custom RGB to a new account, you may use Our Approved Account Creator, which is approved by the Moderators.

  • Inappropriate game names and usernames. Creating usernames and game names with inappropriate language in them is not tolerated. We will ban accounts with explicit language in their username, and we will search up the creator of games with inappropriate names.

  • Glitch Abuse. Do not abuse in-game glitches. To discourage such an activity, maps with required glitching to proceed through them are forbidden. It will be up to a Moderator to decide when a map will warrant a ban.

  • Impersonating Moderators. Impersonating a Moderator, the Game Admin, or Administrator is not allowed. You will be banned if you claim you are a Moderator and are not.

  • Illegitimate Ranking. Alting: Using accounts of your own to boost your kill count. This is not allowed and will be met with an immediate reset on all accounts. Furthermore, what is known as ‘suicide hacking’, which is using a program to make your stickman kill your alternate accounts over and over in success is not allowed. You are not allowed to get kills off of a user suicide hacking by staying in a game. This will warrant the same punishment as suicide hacking yourself. To add on to this, feeding players kills or getting fed kills in-game is NOT allowed and will warrant an account reset on the offending accounts.

  • Private Servers. Private Servers are not allowed and advertising such servers will be met with a ban.

  • Obstructing a Moderator. Obstructing a Moderator’s ability to moderate will be met with a ban.

  • Evading a ban. If your account was banned, you will have to serve your sentence. Changing your IP to get access to the game while you are banned is forbidden.

  • XGenStudios. Attacking XGenStudios or it’s community by disconnecting the servers/users (DDOS) or leaking information that is not meant to be public (DOX), is something we do not take lightly. Your account list will be banned if you attempt to attack the servers, or any of XGenStudios’ members by revealing personal information, confidential information pertaining to accounts or Moderators and the like.

Moderators will use their discretion to punish rule breakers. However, for some rules we have a set of ban times that should be consistent in order to keep the justice fair.


HACKING: First Offense: One Week Ban. Second Offense: Permanent Ban.
ALTING WITH USE OF HACKS: First Offense: Permanent Ban on all Accounts.
IMPERSONATING A MODERATOR: First Offense, One Day Ban. Second Offense: One Week Ban. Third Offense: Permanent Ban.


If you feel you were banned unfairly or unjustly, please send a message to the moderators via forums to the moderator group. We also have a discord server where you can talk to us directly if you’d like.

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