Stick Arena Maps

(Donovan) #129

I want to put spawns on the corners where the glocks are! @RealSimon

(Schall) #130

@RealSimon no that’s not it. This is one I just finished up. The map isn’t on the account I thought it was.

(Hell's Dragon) #131

@grasp85 You can always put them in person!

(☠) #132

la Revolución

(Hell's Dragon) #133

Original Transgalactic Com Station:

My Remake:

(Slot 4 on MrMinso)

(Hell's Dragon) #134

This Xgen HQ variation was originally created by @Margahardstyle18 . But I took it and I…
#1 Refined the details
#2 Changed the appearance of some of the locations
#3 Gave new name to this map: XGEN LSD

(Slot 4 on MrMinso)


Capone Map Slot 2

(Hell's Dragon) #136

Some of my maps from last conctest, I don’t want them to be forgotten.

Secret Location (Slot 3 on 4uj)
Dusty2 (This map won!)(Slot 4 on 4uj)
Pac Rush(Slot 5 on 4uj)


Username: Achieve
Map Slot: 2
Map Name : Apprehensions


Gonna make a bold claim here and say this is the hardest maze ever made in Stick Arena.

I challenge anyone to show me a harder maze or make one yourself. I’ll try to finish it.

I also challenge anyone to show me you can finish this maze (slot 5 on w00den), nobody has yet finished it.
There are no tricks, it’s just a confusing path to the guns.
No wall glitching allowed, also not accidentally (sadly that just happens sometimes).

(forgot the password and email to rhodon) :slight_smile: