Stick Arena Maps

(☠) #84

Vantage and Island look so fun, hope to play em one of these days and spacescraper must look nice in game. Some pretty cool maps overall with some nice designs. :+1:


Edited Version

(Hell's Dragon) #86

My next map is dedicated to hmk. I played with him several times, and I know how nice person he is.
What’s more: The first man on leaderboard deserves dedicated map. I asked him what kinds of map he likes, so I knew what to do.

I asked Nico to show him this map when he will appear. I can’t do it by myself because I must repair my computer and I will be absent for a few weeks…

(☠) #87

Took Explosives map out for a ride

(Skye Carpenter) #89

Oh I never thought about doing that! That’s pretty cool! Thank you for choosing one of my maps by the way. If you liked it the first time please leave a like on the Stick Arena Map Competition so I have a better chance at winning. Originally it was supposed to be a great 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 map. But making it look pristine is great too!

(.scorpion.01) #91

Does anybody know how you can get tiles that are supposed to be collisions to be tiles that you can walk through/on? I’m trying to make a roof map.

Copying from someone else’s map does not work for me. I know that you can make them yourself but I forgot.


To copy and paste collision edited tiles both maps have to be “Sky Islands” themed. I have all the tiles on my first map slot, feel free to use them.

(.scorpion.01) #93

ahhh I thought void was possible too… Thanks for the help & slot!