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It does look like a map I would make… But I am not the only one who made symmetrical maps. I’m going to take a guess and say this is Kilo’s map. Not sure what he goes by these days but I’m sure he’s still around. No offense, but there were only about 20 people capable of a map like this, all time.


Board Room (EDITED):


Raging Sewers Redone just a bit:
Comments, suggestions and feedback ALWAYS ALWAYS welcome! :smiley:


Narrow Water Way Base
Updated Version as of 1/16/18

(icykiller2) #67

I think Space Water Corp could use one or two more ways to get from one side to the other. You kinda get stuck outside of the building because it can be so easily camped. If that was your plan, however, then you did a mighty fine job.


Yah i mostly just used the 2 building as a way to use the ft and rail gun more effectively on the map then just putting them out side to be camped or abused. TBH i always try to makes for flow no camping etc.


Raging Sewers Fully Edited

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Both look like pretty solid FFA maps. I really like the 2nd one and the tile creativity displayed. That being said, the wall corners look awkward in screenshot, and probably look 10x more awkward in-game. Those corners show gaps into the space bg. Kind of sloppy, not sure if avoidable.


Also making the wall straight wont do anything to last bottom tiles that nobody can reach anyways. Great symmetrical map (2nd and 1st map) and keep up the innovative map creations. I also loved how you put space chairs in the pods.

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Thanks for the feedback! I made some changes to the map. Hoping its a better version than the first layout lol


I have to be honest; the original was way better, epicure.

(ʜᴇʟʟˊs ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ Unholy Torture Machine) #76

My version of famous the pit

My biggest map (40x40). I,m planning a few modifications because I want this map to be more playable… :confused:

I think it’s my best map. It’s called “Underground Lab” which is a tribute to the map with the same name that was created by the user whose nickname I forgot… I need suggestions how to fill the empty space.

Simple hammer map dedicated to Nico/lexus/Sasuke… You know who!!!

All of these 4 maps were created by me. If you want to copy it and play, there is my nick: electrickman570220 .


I wanted to edit this map after very many years due to how the crates just looked weird on water floats… I also felt like the map was too congested, so I made the top right a little easier to move around, and then the bottom right I opened up a bit more. Was trying to find a balance between where to snipe and where to corner which should make for some decisive play styles in 1v1 or 2v2. Let me know what you think, guys.




Office Space (Edited) (Not Xgen Remake)


You’re missing a tile on the right side of the map, also those 2 tiles next to the flamethrower look a bit unnatural. Seems like a fun map to play on though.

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I got to play this map and it wasn’t so bad. There is a lot of blindspots that you can take advantage of, which brings me to my suggestion on adding a rail gun. You could replace the shotgun with it to counter the mini gun, and maybe replace the katana with the sg so it goes well with the flamethrowers range and the slowness of the rail gun. Just food for thought. I would also try to blend the void and office walls a bit better. The office walls just seem like they don’t belong. I noticed that the top left gets completely ignored stickmen only go there becuase they spawn there. I suggest cutting that lab table in half for easier acces and flow to the sg. It doesn’t show here but i saw that you added a pathway where the bottom right spawn is and you should keep it! It seemed to work out great. Not a bad map overall. Fun. 7/10

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Same map just different top-half layout ideas. Enjoyed making them both :slight_smile: feedback is welcome of course!


I like the first map more, the transition from inside to outside looks great. The changes in elevation outside with the pits looks good, too bad the elevation/cliffs do not provide any cover. The only suggestion would be to seperate the bottom four spawns more, maybe move the bottom two to between the nearby crates and elevated platforms.

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Alright so I’ve always enjoyed rooftop maps and over time I’ve made a lot of them. I figured I would post a few here because they’re sort of unique maps that are fun to play and I want to share them so why not. (because they use collision edited tiles I have the collision images included)

The maps:


Up v Down









Spacescraper (Sky Islands background)






Island (an old one but hella ffa fun)



Buildings (an old one, not too good but still fun)


I have most saved on different accounts so ask and i’ll provide the map slots if anyone actually would care to play lol. thanks for reading