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Raging Sewers WBW Map (probably 2014 or 2015)


All your maps look super familiar.

E: Well, most. The construction one, I’ve definitely never seen before.


Here’s a bunch of maps. Screw the comments for each individual map, unless it was an editing credit etc.

3rd map is jzuo’s map. I did minor edits to it as it already was a great map. He was one of the best there was, we just needed some kind of collab. This map was before he had any featured ones, fairly certain. And I think this might actually be featured? Idk

4th map is a map called temple by a relatively unknown mapper named javi1337. I did about half the map and 90% of the inside.

6th map is the final edit of leetspace by springbranch. I helped on minor things on his featured edit, he just thought this was too much. I respectfully disagree and think this version is way cooler.

8th map is a map called building of life I forget the original person to bring it too me but I just ran with it. They had the basic layout of the buildinf down, but I had to fix it to where it looked a bit nicer. The inside of the building is all me. I turned his idea into a finished product, and he said he didn’t like it. I basically adopted the map. I will always say it wasn’t originally mine, though. I feel it might as well have been. I came up with the heaven to hell in a building concept and it just worked so well. Might just be my favorite one.


All these maps are innovative af. The flow on most of these maps are super fricken pro. I also love the innovation with that kinda map layout and that 3rd and S maps are my faves.


Crocodile showed me some techniques wbw and i loved his mm style


Croc was pretty nice. Thanks for the feedback.


Updated Sewer Stratos:

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I recently created a competitive map and I am receiving outstanding feedback. I’d like to upload it on the forums here somehow and see if I could try to get it featured. The map is named “King of the Hill”. Is there a way I can upload it here or should I just take screenshots?

The map is fun, balanced, and racks up plenty of kills by both old and new gun and melee weapons. There should be no design flaws, I spent time rubbing out the kinks and testing.

Let me know if anybody would like to check it out and play it. I would love to see others loading/playing this map sometime soon.


Would this be it?

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Yea man thanks a lot for that, how’d you do it?


Enter the username, pick a map slot and it will load the map. Right click then save image. :slight_smile:

To load it on the forums, in the reply box just drag the image into the reply box, it’ll upload automatically for you.


Messy Moon Post Updated

Let me know if anything needs to be changed or edited to make map flow or play better. Thanks everyone

Let me know if anything need sot be changed or edited to make map flow or play better. Thanks everyone

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found a couple of errors


Aside from the errors epicure pointed out, it’s a really well done map. At first glance, I didn’t notice any errors with it. They were so minor.


I edited some stuff in the map




At risk of sounding like

Does anyone have the map making guides and can they please post them? They may provide some benefit to map makers.

The guides are full of map making info/details that may not be obvious when making maps; map layout, game flow, spawn/weapon placement, perspective, elevation, aesthetics, mixing tile types…


The thread was made by masterchuf on the old forums, i doubt you can ever get that post back atp :frowning: Thats why i wanted to have the old forums back cause it has that pinned thread. The best thread about map making too, masterchuf was the only person to have his map fetaured in the original lp maps list, that post was so helpful to my start of when i use to map make. Too bad :frowning:


This map is one of the best maps I’ve ever seen, no exaggeration. What’s your old name?


Superbe map! Id love to play this one day! looks like a map to be in Xgen’s full lab pass game list to me!!! You did a ridiculously good job with being innovative while also having impecible map design and what looks like to me is fantastic flow too. Looks like a map Dan might have created, Great Work and i agree with everything that Dan just said! 20/10 back in the day if i have to rate!