Stick Arena Maps

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Got a map for yall

(mack) #22

I love it, only thing id change is on the top left spawn to two corner pieces so it doesnt clip the rest of it looks nice!

I have a map that I kinda whipped up that goes with your theme,

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Didn’t notice that thank you very much and I like the mix you did with the office walls tiles I might do something similar lol

(mack) #24

Yeah grass tiles are a pain like that, hard to see where it ends

Couldn’t resist one more map with that kinda theme


Too many boxes.


Give me Feedback on anything guys, the community is the best judge. Also if youd like play it with friends in lobbies etc.
Also if you have an feedback on the spawns and weapon placements please let me know pronto. Thanks too everyone and love this thread.


Updated Map (Office Scramble)

(Emir) #28

Too many cubicles bro. Nice tho!

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Not sure if these were intentional but there are tiles for such instance. Also, I know you can run into this little rug problem with that certain type of cubicle so you can easily switch to the other cubicle to avoid it. Again, not sure if this is an error or if you meant to put that there lol but if you did then i respect the improvisation! And lastly, a couple of suggestions…


to this


to this

Good map overall :+1:

(Shane) #30

Remember if you have a map for the contest, please post it on this thread :smiley:


Weapon placements, spawn placements and comments and critiques please let me know, thanks to everyone! :smiley: :slight_smile:

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This is my map called “Cluttered” that I’ve been working on over the course of a few years. Would love to hear your feedback, guys :slight_smile:


Another 1


Loved it! Fun gameplay earlier.


I like your map makes for quick action stuff.

Here’s a map titled “GameCube” from years ago


Super innovative! The flow and map design is superbe




I really like your map here. Back in the day, someone would come in and point out that your map isn’t completely asthetic.

The map detail police would be all over how the underground wall corner is just hanging over the purple mountainside. Do you get what I mean by that? Honestly, I’ve always been gameplay oriented, but they were right in saying it doesn’t look right. If it’s not an easy fix and hurts gameplay, don’t worry about it so much.


That always messes with my ocd in maps, lmao i get exactly what you are saying.


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