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(Hell's Dragon) #98

My latest concept, I did it for fun and I did not think it would work :blush:

Here is the Double Urinal!
slot nr 5 on o0ndari

Thanks to the first players who tested it with me: @Apple512881, @Lex, @demoniczodiac.


Double Urinal looks good! Do you know approximately how many kills you would get on average with it?

(Lexus.) #100

@Half_Blind_Hero Stick Arena Funny Screenshots

(Hell's Dragon) #101

@Half_Blind_Hero Yes, I tested it several times. It depends on the number of players. When 3 players play on it, each one of them can get 30+ kills. I do not recommend playing with one person

You know, the more, the better in this case.


I tried to recreate the shipment map from COD 4. Due to some tiles/props, I couldn’t accurately recreate the entire map, but at least I did my best to do it. Although this map isn’t for 1v1 or 2v2, just showing it to you guys. Thanks @Lex for helping me uploading this to forums.

(Kincaid) #103

Tanks. Crazy what you can do with these ancient tilesets.

Stick Arena Funny Screenshots

Zzulran slot 2, arguably the greatest tourney map of all time back in the day. #neverforget

(Kincaid) #105

My new map, Rail Roast:

Designed to be a unique ranged spin on usual “The Pit” style maps. Thoughts? Feedback?

I do have other maps I’d like feedback on, but they’re currently entered in the contest, so I will wait till afterwards.

(☠) #106

Considering you have 2 weapon spaces left, maybe add some melee? Hammer would be too slow for the ranged weapons so something fast could work imo

(Kincaid) #107

I considered adding 2 more weapons, but adding any melee would defeat the gimmick of it being a ranged “The Pit” map. But perhaps. Perhaps. If any melee were to be added, it’d probably be the Bat.

(Lizbona) #108

Name: Clar2
Lizbona Slot 5

(hypercasual) #109

I just spent half an hour making this only to find out that you have to buy slots?? Cool!

Stick Arena Funny Screenshots
(Hell's Dragon) #111

The latest innovation…
Three classic types of maps combined into ONE!
You can play on 1#Uri, 2#Aim, 3#Hammer at the same time. But, the problem is that this map need min. 4 players. Ouch… If you want to have only aim or only uri, you just have to remowe some spawn points.

Ladies & Gentlemen, in front of you: RealSimon’s TripleMap!

Map(s) are currently on my acc. szajsmajster

  • slot 1 - TripleMap
  • slot 2 - TripleMap (Aim only)
  • slot 3 - TripleMap (Uri only)
  • slot 4 - TripleMap (Hammer only)
  • slot 5 - TripleMap (Aim & Hammer)


Hi, I made this map awhile back and wanted to show you guys. People say it’s too big. Maybe they’re right, but I still like what I made. The map is called “middleschool”, and you can find on my account LeThanos on 5th map slot.

If I happen to make another map I let you all know.


Where can i find the first map

(☠) #114

I made this lil video for fun and because it was easy lol its basically just me creating the map… Maybe it’ll give insight to some new players who wanna make maps hehe if there are any… Here is the map if yall dont wanna watch the vid

Bonus map


Are there any other accounts similar to classicmaps1, classicmaps2, classicmaps3, classicmaps4 where the accounts are not used for gaming but for saving maps :world_map: for others to use?

(Schall) #116

Not that I’m aware of, but I’d be willing to use my hundreds of accounts to do such.

I might try to make that happen actually. That’s not a bad idea.


I think Dan did something like that a while ago.

(Hell's Dragon) #118

@nonstopf I have plan to create accounts called for example: MapSlots1, MapSlots2 etc. where I will put my best maps and most popular custom maps in categories, like Aim Maps, Urinal Maps, RealSimons FFA maps, Urinals, Dusty Series, Dedicated Series, map off-category and much more!
Atm. I have 3 account for that, but I must change nickmames someday. (is it possible?)