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Hello Stick Arena, I’ve created this topic so we can show off maps that we’ve created and see what kind of compliments // rates the Stick Arena Community give each other and what people can do better. Also, what is the map good for like 1v1 or 2v2 that kind of stuff. Some of the maps that gets dropped in this topic can be used in Tournaments as well keep that in mind.

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Made it a couple months ago. Thoughts? Comments? Complains?

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Looks good for a 2v2 map but that left part where the table is at can you remove that and put something thiner? because I can already see a bad rush from the top left going down straight to the cabinets which is easy for a person to corner there and get 3-4 shots possibly kill (if you don’t know how to 2v2) This will be perfect for Classic but for dim? not sure.



You should remove the shadow tiles near the elevator because it doesn’t look natural as well as that file cabinet and water dispenser. Also you should fix that gap in the middle, so it could look something like this:

Other than that it looks like a fun map to play on.


I’ve made another map, took me like 20 minutes to create but I’m all ears for your guy’s opinions on this map I called “Gamecube” . Would this map be more fun to play in 1v1? or 2v2.

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Noted. Thanks for your input guys I shall apply these changes

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I don’t make 2v2 maps but I’ve made some decent ones over the years… although I lost my revamp of XGen Hq and my 4 Ways map.


I’ve made an new 2v2 map called “Original.HQ” Map Slot 4. Tell me your guy’s thoughts please and what I can do to help make this map better.

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I like the map you definitly have alot of spots you can confuse people on and evade when needing too maybe to many but itz fine

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I can see a hell of a 2v2 fight at top left because you can’t set up a camp there lmao but it will make games a lot faster.


I like the map, trying not to repeat what others have said, placement of weapons doesn’t force player to pick them up, lots of attack angles to use and defend against.

Some suggestions:
-move one of the center AKs to the left pod area,
-change the two double carpet border areas to single carpet border

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Some stuff I finished / gave up on b/c I suck

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I like the third map, it looks simple yet promising. I would add details to polish it up and add a few things for cover and such for when stickmen are shooting each other but other than that it looks good :+1:

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Are you in the XGen Discord? could ask you a question or two about maps :frowning:

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Last one with this tileset mix I promise :frowning:

Not sure what my goal was so I kinda scrapped it

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Hi guys, I don’t really make maps. I’ve made a few, this is one of the recent ones I’ve made. This map is mainly made for anything; 1v1 and 2v2… If you see any mistakes, please point it out to me! If you would like to play on this map, “Ten” slot 2 is where you could find the map. Enjoy! :grin:

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Besides some minor things that I could suggest you did good ->

Sent you the same suggestion on discord.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this one :confused:

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You’re missing a chair on one of the pods and the side shadow for one of your blue cabinets also missing for the cabinet in the red carpet right side but you cant really fix that without removing it from there so its fine… A little suggestion though, remove this little tile just to make an easier path for stickmen.

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Thank you ! <3