Stick Arena Funny Screenshots

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Banned. They changed the username after the ban, so it no longer has that username.

To be clear with all of this: anyone found abusing these suicide hackers will receive a one week ban first offense. Second offense will be a permanent ban. Though typically it would be a perma on the first offense. I will not tolerate this.

Just leave the game if one enters.


Not stick arena, but i have been on XAT at times… (SA RELATED)

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(Akatsuki, LLL) #172

Still trying to figure out who that Anonymous Stickman is. o. o

(Shane) #174

Click on the picture to see it fully :stuck_out_tongue: Made it cause I was bored




(Lexus(17)) #188

Last European Player :frowning:

(Schallmeister) #197

This is a screenshot thread, not a “I’ve caught you alting don’t lie about it” thread.

Two days in a row now.

(Schallmeister) #199

Because this is supposed to be a screenshot thread, containing as least amount of post with no screenshots as possible.

It’s just a comment. Don’t get mad over it.

(Schallmeister) #203

All I’m asking is to try to keep the chatter down to a minimum and have at least a screenshot in every post, just like it was on the old forum.

Also, if you wonder why your post was deleted, try sending me a private message next time instead of making it public. That’s a good way for it to get deleted again.

(Princess Luna) #205

If you guys do not want your posts deleted, Then add an screenshot to your post.


credits to info

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(Metrø ßoomin) #215

all because i called dual fat in a jokingly matter? lmao if my account gets permad for this smh

(Princess Luna) #216

The way you always word it and how you’ve been in the past and all that, doesnt look like a joke to me.