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This guy talks lots of trash says hes the best ehhh… pretty easy.

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Is acid supposed to be me? Because thats never ever been me fam. Wasnt even playing this game when that anti cheat was around.

Also shows how lame you are the fact that you’re saying i fk’d you. And proves my point once again why i wont play you again. You take this game too seriously.

Just posted this screen for sake of the thread Ggs ten,

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Air take this L, LMAO!

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I clearly said “lol”; screen invalidated.

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[screenshot removed - circumvented filter]

some stone cold killer days

edit: this one too

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4 months ago.
4 days ago.


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Aim games, throwback from SAL Tournaments



more than likely the first game of urinal to ever take place…

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I <3 the entire team though, just thought this was funny :joy:

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Good game.


To all my Haters <3


Back at it again for season 4 :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck everyone!


The beginning of the season is my best chance for top ten

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