Stick Arena Clans

(RaS) #1

Hey everybody , since Mousy has brought tournaments back to SA … I just want to try to bring back Stick Arena clans. I (Ras) have made my own clan along with Mousy and Raise ; Predators and there is another clan that is currently ready to war; Divinity . If you feel like making a clan and warring , feel free to!! Contact me on forums, or come to the XAT chat to declare and figure things out! I just feel like bringing out clans and doing wars are fun and enjoyable! So make your clan and be a leader!

Divinity -
Predators -
Inferno - or

Another clan that is active from time ; Original -

Also use to make your site , use

Looking foward to seeing people out there making clans and warring!!

(Lizbona) #2

Well not exactly a clan but the chat’s purpose is mainly SA. I wasn’t planning to do any real clan stuff and all that but if someone challenges us, If someone wants to war us (WARNING: WE’RE EU) we can arrange it. The name is Inferno. DM me here if you’re interested.

(Emir) #4

Cool idea. Hope more clans will pop up tho.

(M76mat) #5

Interesting how similar the intro/description for predators-sa is to my old clans intro. I wonder if the owner copied it lol.

(RaS) #6

So can i add your clan into the description ?

(Metrø ßoomin) #7

Clans wont be a thing again lmao…

(Lizbona) #8

Yeah sure. For the clan site just put .

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #9

Sadly all the clans died.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #11

Pretty sure it’s dead now.



Are there any active clans anymore? I’d love to take a visit for nostalgic sake if so!

(Lizbona) #14

Take a look at the XGen discord.


edit : nvm found it lmao

(Juve) #17

■■■■■■■■, is it sad to see SA fall at last. No clans, no one in chats, finally feels like its officially over. Who knows, maybe I’ll reborn Vipers or Renaissance and take another crack at it with these newbs. :wink:

(expany) #18

You can easily revive this game by donating to twitch streamers with big amount of viewers watching the stream.

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #19

Or even just a famous Youtuber posting a video of him playing it on his channel…

(Shane) #20

We need to all make videos again… Hackers, Scammers, Montages…whatever it may be in order to get SA more exposure on Youtube/Twitch.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #21

Trying to do that, but I haven’t gotten around to it in a while.

(Shane) #22

@Cole Lets make the “NSA” happen, lell