Stick Arena Clans

(RaS) #1

Hey everybody , since Mousy has brought tournaments back to SA … I just want to try to bring back Stick Arena clans. I (Ras) have made my own clan along with Mousy and Raise ; Predators and there is another clan that is currently ready to war; Divinity . If you feel like making a clan and warring , feel free to!! Contact me on forums, or come to the XAT chat to declare and figure things out! I just feel like bringing out clans and doing wars are fun and enjoyable! So make your clan and be a leader!

Divinity -
Predators -
Inferno - or

Another clan that is active from time ; Original -

Also use to make your site , use

Looking foward to seeing people out there making clans and warring!!

(Lizbona) #2

Well not exactly a clan but the chat’s purpose is mainly SA. I wasn’t planning to do any real clan stuff and all that but if someone challenges us, If someone wants to war us (WARNING: WE’RE EU) we can arrange it. The name is Inferno. DM me here if you’re interested.

(retry) #3

I’m interested, what’s the website

(Emir) #4

Cool idea. Hope more clans will pop up tho.

(M76mat) #5

Interesting how similar the intro/description for predators-sa is to my old clans intro. I wonder if the owner copied it lol.

(RaS) #6

So can i add your clan into the description ?

(SA Air) #7

Clans wont be a thing again lmao…

(Lizbona) #8

Yeah sure. For the clan site just put .

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #9

Sadly all the clans died.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #11

Pretty sure it’s dead now.



Are there any active clans anymore? I’d love to take a visit for nostalgic sake if so!

(Lizbona) #14

Take a look at the XGen discord.


edit : nvm found it lmao