Stick Arena Announcement!

(expany) #84

And why are there seriously no changes to the game? It is still the same they need to update the game…

(☠) #85

At least new players are coming in. Not as many as you want them to but they are coming in.

(Kincaid) #86

David is the only full-time programmer as to my understanding. XGen is a small team, and they have other priorities that go towards keeping the lights on. I truly do believe that they would like to show Stick Arena more support, but they simply do not have the manpower or resources currently.

(expany) #87

This game has daily 5-15players online… If it has like 200-300 active players i would be so happy but it won’t sadly happen.

(Schallmeister) #88

There’s been a noticeable increase of quick start players since the Steam release.

(Mint) #91

That’s funny, I’ve been seeing more players every time I’ve logged on. I’ve been coming on less, but you see my point.

And as previously stated, Xgen is currently running a little short on manpower and resources. Pretty sure they’d have fully updated SA by now otherwise, seeing as there was a small quality of life update a while ago

(Shad0ws / Jon) #92

I have definitely been seeing a lot more new players than usual in 2-D and Paper Thin City. I’d know, since I’ve played a ton of games with these new guys already and gotten my k/d bumped up as a result.

The increase isn’t alarmingly big, but it’s there. In fact, at some times, I see more new players than experienced ones.

(circa 2005, 2018) #93

It’s probably a long shot. But, maybe XGen can open up some of the development duties to the Stick Arena community.

I also hope they release the game code and media assets before the game reaches end of life.


Because the amount of players online at 7AM on a Tuesday is totally the best indicator of the activity of a game.

(Lexus(17)) #96

I had seen around 30-50 new players after putting the game on Steam. It’s only a week since openly Steam SA version. Most times when i’ve logged on I saw more than 15 people. It’s too early to judge. I hope SA will more active in the near future. However, at the moment it’s not bad.

What is your favorite SA memory/ moment?
What is your favorite SA memory/ moment?
(Metrø ßoomin) #101

I’ve definitely seen some new people when i got on last. Pretty cool to see the game rise again, at least a little. If XGen can find some coders to add spinners or weapons to UPDATE the game title, & even the SWF, this game will skyrocket back to around 2013 standard

(The Mad Titan King) #104

In my opinion this week has been not so good activity wise. I play a decent amount and a lot of time struggle to find games in middle of day. A lot of times, only game going on is an invisible game I cannot join without a lab pass. So yeah I don’t know about the activity, it did seem to be doing okay for awhile until this week… oh well

(Shad0ws / Jon) #105

Exactly my thoughts. Activity has died down quite a bit to previous weeks.

(The Mad Titan King) #106

Well there was more people on today for playday and tournament, so that was cool. Guess we just look forward to Sundays for players now

(Shane) #107

Long Live Stick Arena