Stick Arena Announcement!

(JS, circa 2005) #10

The problem is it requires a super processor running at 1.6 GHz or higher. I guess that means I can’t play then.


Damn this is amazing to see!
I know this is highly unlikely, but could we see something similar happening with BBH? :c

(Shad0ws / Jon) #12

Oh yeah, heard about that.

Definitely could bring people into the community, looking forward to it.

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #13

WOOT!! :smiley:

I do have a couple quick questions @Kaelyn , mostly regarding XGen accounts:

  1. Will the stats from the Flash version of SA carry over, or will everything be reset?
  2. Will other stuff such as spinners (including ‘restricted’ color spinners won in contests) from the Flash version carry over?
  3. Will any XGen account (e.g. my ,.x.school3r.x.,) be able to play, or just the ones that conform to the new naming convention (e.g. only accounts with no commas or dots and less than 15 characters)?
  4. If restricted color spinners do carry over, but old accounts with commas and dots aren’t able to play on Steam, would it be possible to transfer them to a different account?

Thanks for putting SA on Steam! Hopefully it will lead to a revival of the game!! :smiley:

(Lexus.) #14

Well, good job. The best possible decision. Hopefully it will bring back some old SA players and might be a couple new people will want to try play the game.

(David) #15

Hey Schooler, glad you’re excited! :grin:

The Steam version of Stick Arena uses the same servers as the current browser version does. That means that your account and everything associated with it will carry over. In particular, players using the browser version will be able to play in the same game as players using the Steam version. This will allow for players who prefer playing in browser to continue doing so until the Flash end of life and at the same time, allow other players to begin switching over to the steam version immediately.

In answer to your specific questions:

  1. Accounts, stats, everything will carry over since the steam and flash versions will operate in parallel.
  2. Color restricted spinners will carry over.
  3. Any XGen account will be able to play.
  4. Old accounts are allowed so no need to transfer :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Isnt xgen ashamed
(,.x.school3r.x.,) #16

Nice!! Thanks, David!

(Shad0ws / Jon) #17

All the people new to the game are going to be destroyed by old players.
It’ll be just like when we used to have guest games in the game list. Lmao.

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #18

Yes, but isn’t that how it always is in games like this? New players get destroyed by the old players, and they either quit the game because they find it too hard, or they keep playing, improve their skill, and before you know it they’re as good as the older players…

(Nicholas) #19

Stick Arena FAQ – Gameplay – Why does my character keep getting killed?

(SA Air) #20

Lol if this game gets any attention on steam, the game gonna grow little by little.

Also, every good player was a bad player at one point.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #21

I wasn’t saying there wasn’t room for improvement, if that’s what you guys think. I’m not being negative, I’m being comical. Yeesh.



HTML5 would still be better though nonetheless.

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #25

Why are these quotes contradictory? I’d like clarification please @Kaelyn @David

EDIT: Unless after 2020 Flash games will still be playable via Steam… is that the case? I thought after then no online flash games period would work because of Adobe not supporting it anymore…

Isnt xgen ashamed
(David) #26

Hey @Schooler good question!

After 2020 Flash games will indeed be playable using a Flash runtime. What is happening in 2020 is that browsers will no longer support an embedded Flashplayer. There’s nothing stopping you from downloading a flash runtime and continuing to play your favorite flash games.

There are a number of games already released on steam that operate this way and in most cases it’s very difficult to tell.

Let me know if you want any more clarification!


Isnt xgen ashamed
Stick Arena Announcement!
Isnt xgen ashamed
(,.x.school3r.x.,) #27

OK great! That answers my question.

I’m glad that Adobe won’t be the ones who kill SA. And hopefully the steam version will attract more players. There are probably old players who have totally forgotten about this game, and when they see the message on Steam that Stick Arena is now available, I’m sure they will come running back :wink:

Thanks XGen, both for continuing to support SA and for answering my questions :slight_smile:

Isnt xgen ashamed
Stick Arena Announcement!
(Kaelyn) #28

Hey guys!

Wanted to give you guys an update! Stick Arena, unfortunately, won’t be launching today as the steam page did indicate before. We have had some unexpected development delays but are hoping for a launch on July 25th! Will keep you guys updated if this changes.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Kaelyn & XGen Team


Still confused about the 15+ weapon choices. Are we really getting new weapons? @Kaelyn

(Kaelyn) #30

No new weapons sadly! There is that many choices in the original according to the code base!


Would this also be an indirect ban to hacks?