Stick Arena and Boxhead 2-year Reset Anniversary

Hello everyone!

As all of you have noticed, or may not have noticed, September 1st marked two years since the first reset took place for Boxhead and Stick Arena.

In a way to commemorate this, every account on here:

Will receive 15,000 cred and a 1 week Lab Pass!

Now, since Boxhead doesn’t have an all-time leaderboard (yet), I will go through every season’s leaderboards and add up all the BPs and come up with a Top 100 list from there, and the Top 100 from there will receive 300 XCash!

Thanks for playing everyone!

  • The XGen Staff and Moderation Team

To clarify - every account 1 through 100 in the link above gets the aforementioned gift, alts and all.

I already have all the usernames saved, just in case some new ones are added and some are removed.


This will be an update post:

September 4 at 9:54pm EST

I have seasons 1-3 added up for the Boxhead leaderboards.

Fun fact: Between seasons 1 and 3, there are 185 unique accounts on the leaderboards!

September 5 at 11:21pm EST

208 unique accounts now exist between leaderboards 1 and 4.

September 6 at 8:21pm EST

267 unique accounts exist between leaderboards 1 and 7.

Since I’ll have all the numbers down, I think I’m going to make some statistics after I’m done with everything.

September 7 at 11:47pm EST

327 unique accounts between seasons 1 and 10.

Fun fact, this Numbers app on my Mac adds up the sum for every column, so it’ll be super easy to add up the BPS collected for the Top 100 every season.

For season 1, 3,237,960 BPS were collected! I’ll post the total amounts when all the seasons are done.

September 14 at 12:45am EST

369 unique accounts now belong on the leaderboards between seasons 1 and 12.

September 15 at 12:36am EST

391 unique accounts are now on the leaderboards between seasons 1 and 13.

September 19 at 11:11pm EST

451 unique accounts are on the leaderboard between seasons 1 and 17. Season 14 had a total of 277,909 BPS collected! There are only 4 accounts that have been on the leaderboard for every season so far.


It’s going to be a fun week! Thank you.


I haven’t forgotten about this! Look at the third post for kind of the update log.


I have 200/507 accounts done. After I get them all done, I’ll have to sort them from highest to lowest. Won’t be long!


It’s up!