Stick Arena Account Creator/Name Changer



I wanted to post a new thing I’m working on to make name changing with the B.R.O. ruleset at least a little simpler, and I decided to throw an account creator thing on there while I was at it…

Tell me what you think and enjoy thank you! The name change thing is a little tricky but I’ll get it working in no time

(Schallmeister) #2

Carlos back from the grave.

(circa 2005, 2018) #3

If the username you are trying to change to is taken, it may be reset and granted to you, ONLY if: It has been inactive for 2 years, has no verified email, and has never had a labpass).

Is this true?


Maybe I got one little detail wrong. My mind is a little foggy with xgen stuff. It should be that ruleset as far as I remember…

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That’s what we were told anyways.


A wild Carlos has been spotted.

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Its not working for me chief :man_shrugging:


Sorry! The account name changer is still in development. It should be functional soon, it’s really tricky for some reason.