Stick Arena 2v2 Tournament 3/24/2019


2v2 Tournament will be hosted on 3/24/2019 in the Cartesian Republic server at 4:30 PM Eastern Time. This tournament will be a single stage tournament in the format of single elimination with a bronze match. Win 2/3 matches against your opponents to advance to the next round. Participants will be given a ten minute grace period to show up before being removed from the bracket and the commencement of the tournament. Click here for additional information on Stick Arena Tournaments. Sign up with the accounts you and your partner will be playing on below.


  • No cheating
  • No free killing (do not kill or attack another player without a weapon)
  • Failure to comply will result in disqualification

If suspected of using hacks, that player must abide by the host(s) and screen share via Discord. Anyone found using hacks Stick Arena account will be banned for five years.


  • First place - 5,000 Cred, 10 Lab Pass days, 12 points
  • Second place - 3,000 Cred, 7 Lab Pass days, 10 points
  • Third place - 2,500 Cred, 3 Lab Pass days, 9 points

Each participant will receive 500 Cred. Points will be logged here to the account used during the tournament. Players may not transfer any points to another account.

Redeemable Prizes:

  • 7 Lab Pass days - 10 points
  • 5,000 Cred - 10 points
  • Old Skool spinner - 10 points
  • Holiday spinner - 50 points
  • Any other spinner - 120 points (excluding Moderator, Builder and Blue Head)

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(Cнιcĸeɴ) #3

/sign HolyChicken and Nazi

(Vitali) #5

/sign Glock.101 and Gunny


/sign Trooperxo and Lex.

(Uyttt) #7

/sign Thunderclap and Perfect

(The Mad Titan King) #8

Is it possible for us to know the maps that we’re going to be playing on before the tournament starts? So we can plan some stuff.


/sign Eager n Apple512881


Maps that will be used in this tournament are YRN, Restricted, Quench and if needed Ayy.

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/sign justdie17 & Awakened

(Ajay) #12

/sign TwistedMetal n Pain

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