State of Stick Arena Tournaments


Greetings fellow stick slayers!

I would like to get your thoughts pertaining to the future direction of Stick Arena tournaments. Think of this as an open thread on the state and future of SA tournaments. You can use this thread to voice your concerns and offer suggestions and feedback.

Some questions/ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Tournament Time: For a long time, tournaments have been hosted at 4:30 PM EST on Sundays. Is this still a good date and time for everyone, or would you prefer it to be changed?
  • Asynchronous Tournaments: In addition to regularly-scheduled tournaments, would you also enjoy an asynchronous tournament? In asynchronous tournaments, participants are responsible for setting up matches with their opponents and reporting scores to hosts independently. These tournaments would play out over a longer period of time; I would anticipate an asynchronous tournament taking a few weeks to complete.
  • Bracket Type: Do you prefer single-elimination brackets, or double-elimination with a losers’ bracket?
  • Maps: The recent tournaments have been heavy in custom maps. Do you like using custom maps for tournaments, or would you prefer a mix of more classic maps?
  • Single-Map Tournaments: Would you like to see a tournament where every round was on the same map? For example, XGen HQ tournament, Storage Yard tournament, etc. ?
  • Restricted-Entry Tournaments: Every so often, would you be interested in tournaments that cost tournament points to enter? The payoff of such a tournament would be a much larger amount of tournament points, but players who perform poorly would lose tournament points. Would this be something you’re interested in?
  • Any other suggestions, comments, or concerns are greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to more tournaments coming soon!!


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(Ajay) #3
  • The current tournament time seems fine. Both the players that play regularly and the ones that play occasionally show up. You could always run a poll tho

  • A lot of people might see asynchronous tournaments to be tedious (could see lots of hacker disputes too), but I think it would be fine if you get enough players

  • Single elimination is better. Double elim just takes too much time

  • Any custom/classic map with a decent flow and an emphasis on gun play should be fine

  • I could see only aim maps working in single-map tournaments

  • Wager tournaments would be cool, but a lot of people don’t have that many points to bet with

  • Some prize costs should be lower (e.x.:the any spinner prize could go from 120 -> 100 points at least)


(Ahmir M) #4

Everything you said was perfect. (imo)
In addition to the Restricted-Entry Tournaments should be separate from tournaments that don’t cost points. (for example everyone starts with 100 tournament points)



Uri tournament?


(Jake) #6

I feel like 2019 stick arena would benefit more from playdays, not tournaments. Given the format of playdays I feel like more of the current community has opportunity’s to actually win something during a wacky free-killing FFA, or some funny trivia in the lobby. The tournaments are being won by the same people every time. Weekly playdays would be great for a lot of people still playing. Maybe the tournaments need to be their own entity run by someone else, I don’t know. Like a Saturday thing or something


(The Mad Titan King) #7

Tournaments now are also problematic because there are now zero methods of anti-hack protection. Any third party client can be made into a hack that contains widescreen, auto aim, and others and can be screened on a moment’s notice. Trainers modeled after the website version of Stick Arena also still exist. Basically hackers can run rampant through tournaments without being noticed, and I think it’s a big problem right now. There really should be no more official tournaments until xgen develops some real way of protecting against hacks.

Additionally, tournaments don’t really help in growing the game anyway. As of right now, the tournaments are only benefiting those who already know how to play. But those of us who already know how to play will be around the game anyway, tournaments or no tournaments.

I agree with @Justdie17 in having more Playday type events. These events will in general get the more casual player involved. Have Playdays happen not just on weekends, but on weekdays sometimes too. Make them random so people would log on more often and hope there’s a Playday.


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I’d rather us doing weekly playdays because then it’ll give more incentive to play the game again. People that haven’t played in a long time could come back and be like, “whoa, where’s that spinner from” or something like that, they wouldn’t be coming back and saying, “whoa, you won a tournament because you’re so skilled.” Playdays are also super fun and you can actually work to get LP’s, spinners, Creds, and there are usually a lot of people on during playdays. Just my opinion, don’t sue me rofl