Spring Tournament Extravaganza (Boxhead)


Need a mate

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #29

let’s team up

(Boxerella) #30

Of course you would say that to me because if it was someone else it probably would be a “smart” idea. Get your hating self of this.

(Boxerella) #31

Let’s go Killa I’ll be your mate?


Stick to old-school most wins (by collecting) wins :confused:

(Trickery) #34

Glamdr1ng and Kaathe

(Wolf) #35

Congratulations to Champ24j and 1998nicolopez for winning the Spring Tournament Extravaganza! Also, huge props to Unbirthday and L1p5 for giving them a run for their box money! Thanks to everyone who participated!

(Schall) #36

Prizes have been handed out. Thanks guys! :smiley:

(Ṩสdboץs) #37

Me and xTerminixx missed it, saddening.

(Nicholas) #39